TCC-1200 Telescopic Crawler Crane – 120-Ton Base Rating, Impressive Capacity Chart

Link-Belt has upgraded the base rating of its 110-ton telescopic crawler crane to 120 tons. The upgrade to TCC-1200 is possible because Link- Belt is using the same lower carbody used on the TCC-1400.
“The new TCC-1200 has a load chart that is very similar to the TCC-1100 and features the triedand- true upper of the 1100 on a heavier-duty undercarriage,” said Bob Weber, head of Columbus Equipment Company’s Lifting Division.
The machine passed base rating tests at the same radius as the original 110-ton crane did, according to Link- Belt. Its capacity chart rivals even lattice crawler cranes with a similar base rating.
The greaseless boom telescopes from 40 to 150 feet.
The telecrawler offers three track widths to meet the varying footprint needs of sectors the crane is frequently used in, such as energy, industry and infrastructure work. The tracks can extend as wide as 18 feet 2 inches and retract to 11 feet 11 inches.
Link-Belt has also announced an optional wireless remote-control system for the new TCC-1200 and TCC-1400. The system is for applications where the operator needs to be out of the cab and still control the crane.
Contact your Columbus Equipment Company sales representative and see why the upgraded TCC-1200 is the right crane for your lifting needs.