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Undercarriage is the most significant life-cycle maintenance expense on any tracked machine. That’s why we offer genuine Komatsu undercarriage for all Komatsu excavators and dozers. We also offer a range of alternative undercarriage products to suit non-Komatsu machines. Extend your track life with Komatsu’s Track Management System.

The Importance of Undercarriage Maintenance

For equipment with a track system, 50% of all maintenance costs are for expenses related to the undercarriage. Because the undercarriage operates as a system, a worn component can significantly reduce the life of the entire undercarriage. Therefore, it is critical to determine appropriate timing for the replacement of wear components.

Komatsu's Track Management System

  • Uses ultrasonic tool to measure thickness of undercarriage components
  • Assesses current wear
  • Predicts when repairs are required
  • Reduces unscheduled downtime and repair expenses

Columbus Equipment Company's Three-Step Support System

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Step 1: Early Inspection And Consultation

Columbus Equipment follows up within 90 days of equipment delivery to ensure tracks are running normally. Using infrared heat guns, we determine the presence of any hot or dry joints, which decrease wear part life. Proper track tension and cleaning requirements are discussed with equipment operators and/or maintenance staff. Operational concerns that reduce the life of your components, including excessive back dragging or reverse operations, are highlighted.

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Step 2: Monitoring and Accurate Ultrasonic Inspections

Track Management System provides quick, accurate undercarriage inspections. With an ultrasonic measurement tool, hard-to-reach measurement areas can be accessed. This tool stores data and uses sound waves to determine the precise thickness of undercarriage components. This thickness indicates wear and life expectancy. A factory-trained, Columbus Equipment Product Support Representative evaluates the data and recommends operational actions, maintenance activities and/or component replacements.

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Step 3: Scheduling Maintenance And Factory Support

Tracked machines need repair or replacement of track-life components periodically. Columbus Equipment can provide reliable estimates for remaining hours of life, so you can proactively schedule maintenance rather than be surprised by costly downtime and expenses due to breakdowns.