Rotobec’s New Evolution 960D Log Loader HITS ALL THE TOP-NOTCH LOADER BUTTONS

The new Rotobec Evolution 960D log loader is a heavy-duty, long-reach loader designed to increase efficiency on your jobsite.
“We had customers coming from as far away as Indiana to see this machine when we introduced it at The Paul Bunyan Show,” noted Jesse Garber, sales representative for the Environmental Division. Several customers have already asked to demo the machine.
The Evolution 960D is a heavy-duty alternative to the Rotobec Optimax 950 for users who need increased lift at a distance. The 960D offers 5 to 9 feet of additional reach with its standard 32-foot boom, so there’s less need to move the loader around the jobsite, increasing efficiency.
Columbus Equipment Company mounts the unit on a trailer, providing mobility when you need it.
This machine is built for durability. Despite its compact size, the 960D is the heaviest log loader in the industry. The subframe is the most rigid of any competing models, and the heavy-duty boom uses oversized pins to ensure a long service life. The 55-inch slewing ring is also the largest in the industry.
Every aspect of the log loader makes maintenance easy. For example, the front steps swing open so you can reach the gear box to check oil levels. Access to the 173-hp Cummins engine is behind a panel door, and the 120-gallon fuel tank is under the cab where it’s easy to reach.
The operator’s cab is the widest, longest and tallest in the industry, and it’ll keep operators comfortable during long days in the field, even in extreme weather. The front windshield is made of Lexan with no mesh to obstruct the operator’s view, increasing productivity and safety on the jobsite.
If you want a dependable, high-efficiency log loader, contact your Environmental Division sales rep about the new Rotobec Evolution 960D today!
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