Upgrades Elevate Morbark 6400XT Wood Hog To TOP-OF-THE-PILE PERFORMANCE


When Morbark’s 6400XT Wood Hog horizontal grinder hit the market back in 2018, it was an uncommonly powerful solution for everything from land clearing to processing wood waste and storm debris into saleable products.

Weighing in at under 96,500 pounds and less than 11-feet-6-inches wide, it offered ease-of-transportability but packed an unparalleled punch with Tier 4 Final 1,050-hp Caterpillar C27 or 1,200-hp Cat C32 power, an oversized infeed bed, a 40″ diameter top compression feed roll with 60″ feed opening, and the largest discharge in the industry at 5,400 square inches of screening area. A compelling combination.

Since then, in collaboration with customers and its distributor network, Morbark has further improved performance and production in this waste-grinding behemoth, focusing on three distinct areas:

1. Increasing torque and improving rotor tip speed through shiv and gear ratio manipulation.

2. Employing hydraulic product improvements in the coils and valves.

3. Optimizing auto-feed settings, particularly when processing chunk wood.

Introducing these upgrades to an inherently powerful frame simply served to push the 6400XT’s production over the top. “Rough-grind runs yielded 700 yards/hour, production unheard of from competitive machines,” said Jesse Garber, Columbus Equipment Company Environmental Division sales representative. “I’ve seen industry veterans literally step back in awe at the 6400XT’s performance during demos. It’s really something to see.”

In addition to key performance upgrades, the 6400XT also comes with two key serviceability features. A hydraulically activated, dual hinge, rear hood allows for quick, easy access to grates within a few minutes of shutdown. Secondly, an idler belt tensioner not only maintains belt tension but reduces power loss as a result of belt deflection during instances of heavy impact while grinding.

Specs and features are all well and good. The proof in the pudding, of course, is in the machine’s performance. “The 6400XT is the way to go,” declared Matt Brun of Champion Landscape Equipment and Supply in Dayton, Ohio after trialing and carefully evaluating various options.

Contact Columbus Equipment Company Environmental Division representative Jesse Garber at (937) 239-7180 or Bob Stewart at (440) 752-0836 today for details and a demo of Morbark’s 6400XT Wood Hog horizontal grinder. It may just be the proof in the pudding you are looking for.