Introducing the TSS 390T Shredder by Terex Ecotec: A Heavy Construction Equipment Innovation


As a prominent heavy construction equipment supplier, Terex Ecotec introduces the TSS 390, a versatile and robust shredder, expanding its range and setting new standards in the industry. Powered by a fuel-efficient 493HP Scania DC13 engine, it is designed for maximum output and minimum down time. Ideal for volume reduction, the TSS 390 can handle the toughest of materials, is simple to operate and offers excellent all-round serviceability.

“We are committed to delivering innovative, high-quality products. The addition of the TSS 390 will further enhance an already-significant range of shredding products,“ said Tony Devlin, Business Line Director for Terex Ecotec. The TSS 390 has been rigorously tested and proven in a diverse range of applications and will open up new opportunities in the market. For those constantly searching “heavy equipment rental near me”, the TSS 390 stands out as a top choice due to its fuel efficiency and high output.

Additionally, the TSS 390’s 10-foot shredding shaft is expertly designed, and fabricated from heavy-duty steel with easily replaceable, bolt-on shredding teeth. Being hydrostatically driven, it offers the benefit of full speed, full-torque reverse and provides protection against contaminants. This, combined with customizable shredding programs, enables the machine to be configured to your specific requirements.

For businesses in need of heavy construction equipment rental, the TSS 390’s shredding capabilities are unmatched. The hydraulically adjustable counter comb tailors product size effortlessly. This comb can be operated in either a fixed position, where product size is critical or in release mode when the comb can open rapidly to allow large contaminants to pass without the need to stop shredding.

The shredding chamber has hydraulically operated doors on both sides allowing unrivalled service access. The TSS 390 offers quick set-up and will be ready to shred in a matter of minutes. All conveyors are speed-adjustable, and modular in design allowing each one to be removed independently reducing maintenance downtime.

The optional, over-band magnet provides magnetic separation, is both height and angle adjustable via a remote control and can be configured to discharge from either side of the machine. Dedicated shredding programs provide maximum throughput in even the most difficult applications.

Available as both tracked and wheeled, the TSS 390 comes with the industry-leading T-Link telematics solution as a standard feature. T-Link is designed to improve productivity, efficiency and profitability for customers.

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