Link-Belt’s new TCC-800 telescopic crawler crane—an 80-tonner that’s replacing the groundbreaking TCC-750—is now available. The TCC-800 is an excellent choice for many applications, including pile driving, bridgework, plant work and general construction.

It’s the first Link-Belt telecrawler to feature variable, side-frame track positions (or V-CALC). “V-CALC offers added flexibility to operate the crane with side frames in asymmetric configurations. The Pulse 2.0 system monitors actual side frame position and informs the operator if the proper configuration is selected,” said Scott Knight, Link-Belt product manager for lattice and telescopic crawler cranes.

Between the variable, side-frame combinations and the new cab with 20 degrees of tilt, operators can choose the best configuration on any job site. Additionally, the TCC-800 chart includes a maximum 4-degree list chart for increased performance.

The crane comes with a new, four-section, full-power boom that ranges from 38 feet to 120 feet. With the full boom and optional fly, the maximum tip height is 184.5 feet.

For ease in erecting and stowing the fly, the TCC-800 is equipped with Link-Belt’s new SmartFly system. SmartFly allows a single worker to pin or unpin the fly from the ground (see page 2 for more details).

The crane has a 232-hp Cummins engine that’s more fuel-efficient and quieter than previous models. It also has improved cold-start capability.

For better visibility during setup and lifting, the total vision package provides the operator with views from right side swing, winch and rearview cameras. Another enhancement allows operators to monitor pressure readouts for all hydraulic circuits via the Pulse 2.0 display.

The TCC-800 is easy to transport. It moves in two loads, with the main load under 100,000 lbs. and the clearance height below 13 feet.

If you need a versatile telecrawler, ask your Columbus Equipment Company sales rep how the new Link-Belt TCC-800 can best fit into your lifting operations today.