Link-Belt’s newest all-terrain crane, the 175AT, offers the best reach and capacity available with just two overflow loads, making it the most efficient and easiest-to transport crane in its class.
“The 175AT has a more impressive chart than any competing cranes that have a similar two-load overflow, while being very easily transportable,” noted Bob Weber, head of the Lifting Division at Columbus Equipment Company.
The crane can be moved in different configurations, depending on weight requirements, including a dolly configuration with several ways to stow the counterweights. It can also travel under 26,500 lbs. per axle with part of the counterweight on the crane and the boom over the front.
The 175AT also features upgraded and improved upper and lower cabs. The driver’s cab is outfitted to improve efficiency and cut fatigue, including an air-ride seat with lumbar support and a more efficient climate control system to keep operators operating at peak performance. The operator seat has a commanding view of the worksite even in rainy weather, thanks to large sweeping wipers in the front and top.
Amenities such as Bluetooth radio, LED lighting and multi-function steering wheel keep operators comfortable. The new, roomier carrier cab also has space for two operators.
Link-Belt’s Pulse 2.0 crane operating system puts all the features and controls the operator needs just a touch away via a 10-inch touch-screen monitor. Pulse also gives operators 81 different asymmetrical outrigger positions so they can select the best one for the jobsite through the V-CALC function.
The 175AT also debuts a new safety feature from Link-Belt—a slip-resistant paint coating on all designated walking surfaces to minimize slips and falls. That feature joins the long list of safety improvements Link-Belt is known for, including a camera package that provides views to the right side of the upper, the main and auxiliary winch and a backup camera. Other safety innovations on Link-Belt cranes include a flat carrier deck and a lighting package for night operations.
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