New Kubota KX080-4S Compact Excavator: ECO e PLUS Powers Lower Cost-of-Ownership

Kubota’s new KX080-4S compact excavator is the contractor’s top choice for jobs like utility excavation, as well as bringing power and fuel economy to a wide range of applications.
The KX080-4S puts a priority on fuel economy with its new ECO e PLUS mode. When in standard mode, the machine has 8 percent higher productivity and 14 percent better fuel economy than the previous model. But when the operator activates ECO e PLUS mode, fuel economy is 16 percent better than in standard mode, the machine is quieter, and the front attachments operate more efficiently, according to Kubota.
For improved working performance, the excavator has a new two-pump load-sensing system that improves overall smoothness of operations when using front attachments. The KX080 also has the power you need when trenching in compacted soil—14,660 lbs. of bucket force and 8,554 lbs. of arm force. The tight tail swing and shorter rear overhang give the machine excellent stability and make it a great choice for work in restricted space. At less than 7 feet 3 inches wide, it’s also easy to transport.
The cab is wide and roomy, with improved air conditioning and a high-backed suspension chair with wrist support to prevent operator fatigue.
Maintenance and safety features include a mesh cover for the underbody beneath the engine that keeps out dirt and gravel. All the engine maintenance access points are grouped on one side of the engine for easy access. 
A swivel negative brake locks the swivel function in its current position to prevent movement, whether the machine is working on an incline or being transported.
If you’d like to see better fuel economy and more productivity from a compact excavator, ask your Columbus Equipment Company representative for a demo of the new KX080-4S today.