Komatsu Mini Excavator Line: Big Power in Versatile, Compact Packages

If you think a machine called a “mini” is only for tiny jobs, you haven’t met Komatsu’s mini excavators. These compact machines offer big productivity and versatility in a small package. Komatsu minis share some of the same features bigger excavators have, including Komatsu reliability and ease of use.
The mini lineup has six models, ranging from the 24.4-hp PC30MR-5 to the 65.5 hp PC88MR-10.
The PC88 is the most popular Komatsu mini among Ohio contractors, who use it for applications such as utilities, landscaping, oil and gas work, and general contracting. This tight-tail-swing machine has a rounded cab design so the cab swings in the same radius as the counterweight. The swing boom also has a higher boom raise angle that minimizes the implement swing radius. Together, those features make the PC88 an ideal machine when you’re working in confined areas, including close to buildings, walls or bridges.
Because these machines are easy to maneuver and have 360 degrees of use, they are more versatile than a backhoe and can dig about as deep. The PC88, for instance, has a digging depth of 15 feet.
The PC30 has a shorter arm and boom for greater arm digging forces and better lift over the front, making it a good choice for general excavation and trenching. The PC35, PC45 and PC55 all have a longer boom and arm and a heavier counterweight that results in greater dumping height and over-the-side stability for loading trucks and applications that require lift over the side.
“Komatsu minis are designed for versatility, maneuverability, comfort and low operating costs,” said Jason Crain, General Sales Manager for Columbus Equipment Company. Access to daily inspection points is easy, and all minis have a tilting cab or platform to provide access for repairs. 
If you want maximum versatility in a compact machine, ask your Columbus Equipment Company sales rep for details about Komatsu’s mini excavators today.