The new Komatsu WA900-8 wheel loader has been redesigned for more durability and productivity. Designed for loading 70- to 150-ton haul trucks, the wheel loader allows operators to work faster and load more trucks per shift.
“The WA900-8 is the perfect machine for loading haul trucks in limestone pits because the all new Komatsu bucket design with modified profile maximizes bucket fill to increase productivity,” said Robert Hussey, product marketing manager, Komatsu America Corp.
The cab will keep operators comfortable for long hours on the job. The large, pillarless windows offer excellent visibility, and the higher-capacity air suspension seat provides a smooth ride.
Other features also help operators stay sharp for an entire shift, including a joystick steering system and electronic pilot control levers that respond quickly and precisely to operator input. The automatic dig system and semi-automatic approach and dump system make less-experienced operators more productive.
The machine offers improved safety with a standard rearview camera. The optional KomVision system adds six cameras to enhance safe operations further, giving the operator a bird’s eye view around the machine. It also sounds an alert when obstacles are in the work area. The wheel loader promotes efficient production with Komatsu systems that:
• provide optimal tractive effort in most ground conditions.
• improve cycle times.
• deliver the right hydraulic flow for the application.
Komatsu has also increased durability to protect your investment in this wheel loader, which has most rugged chassis in model history. A new, brake-cooling system reduces brake oil temperatures and extends brake service life. And the engine pre-lubrication system raises oil pressure before startup so that all engine components are fully lubed.
If you’d like to the WA900-8 to increase loading efficiency at your quarry or aggregate plant, ask your Columbus Equipment Company sales rep about the new WA900-8 today.