New Komatsu PC390LCi-11 Hydraulic Excavator: FEATURE-RICH, iMC PERFORMANCE IN THE 36-TON CLASS

Komatsu has introduced an intelligent Machine Control (iMC) excavator in the 36 ton class, giving contractors another size option for an excavator with fully integrated machine control. The PC390LCi-11 combines accuracy, nimbleness and speed with stability, making it an excellent machine for a variety of applications.
“Whether it’s production excavating, utility trenching, site prep or any application where greater over-the-side lift capacity is required, this could well be the machine operators fight over on the jobsite,” said Renee Kafka, product specialist with Komatsu America.
The PC390i has the machine-control joystick that Komatsu first introduced on the PC210i last year. This joystick allows operators to quickly switch between semi automatic and manual modes and to operate the design surface, offset function from the control lever.
As with Komatsu iMC dozers, this machine uses 3D design data loaded into the monitor to accurately display the machine’s position relative to the target grade and to limit over excavation. Other machine features also limit over excavation, eliminating the need to go back and fill low spots.
Features include:
• Auto Stop Control, which stops the work equipment when the bucket edge reaches the design surface.
• Minimum Distance Control, in which the machine controls the bucket by automatically selecting the point on the bucket that’s closest to the target surface.
• Facing Angle Compass, which shows the operator the facing angle relative to the target surface so the bucket edge can be accurately positioned square with the target surface.
The PC390i has a 257-hp Tier 4 Final engine and is equipped with KOMTRAX technology that lets the operator monitor machine data such as fuel and DEF levels, location, and maintenance alerts. 
If you’ve been waiting for an intelligent excavator in the 36-ton class, now is the time to contact your Columbus Equipment Company sales rep for details on how the new PC390i can add efficiency to your job site.