Kubota RTV-XG850 Sidekick: Workhorse Geared Up for The Workplace

Kubota’s new gas-powered Sidekick is more than a utility vehicle. It’s a rough terrain vehicle designed to work in varying applications, including construction. With the ability to haul half a ton of cargo or to tow up to a ton on flat ground (and 1,550 lbs. on hills,) the Sidekick is a nimble and cost-effective alternative to pickup trucks on the job site.
Officially known as the RTV-XG850 Sidekick, this utility vehicle is equipped with a 48-hp Subaru gas engine that quickly accelerates to 40 mph. In fact, the Sidekick can travel more than 10 mph faster than the other RTVs in Kubota’s lineup.
Technology that helps generate faster speeds and added capacity include:
• a continuously-variable transmission with centrifugal clutch for smoother acceleration, stable engine braking, and longer life for the clutch and drive belt.
• electronic power steering for better response and control at high speeds.
• enhanced suspension to distribute the payload more evenly and provide greater stability.
In a drive on the test track, Equipment World found the vehicle had smooth, quick acceleration and handled well when driving down an incline.
Kubota has also released 50 new accessories for the Sidekick, with many accessories specifically for a work vehicle. Options include a toolbox for the bed, cargo bed rail, bed extension, and an electric hydraulic bed lift. All the accessories are designed for easy installation. A snowplow attachment is also available for the RTV.
Standard equipment includes under-seat storage compartments, dumping cargo box, and the ability to quickly change from 2WD to 4WD.
“The Sidekick is the best multi-use machine on the market, ready to take on any task or terrain with the perfect balance of comfortable styling, convenient features and strong, durable Kubota performance,” said Roger Gifford, Kubota’s product manager for utility vehicles.