The new WA480-8 wheel loader from Komatsu is designed for higher productivity with lower fuel usage, a win-win for any owner.
Some of the productivity enhancement comes for the new bucket design, which Komatsu refers to as “generous curves” on the sidewalls and wrap. The design improves pile penetration so it’s easier to fill the bucket. The bucket is also better at retaining material during carrying operations. Overall, the machine is about 8% more productive than the previous model.
For another productivity boost, owners can choose an optional advanced joystick steering system, which eliminates the steering wheel. With the joystick system, operators have better forward visibility and higher comfort while allowing the machine to operate at full speed. The joystick also cuts operator fatigue.
The improved fuel efficiency on this wheel loader comes from the 299-hp Tier 4 Final engine, which uses up to 20 percent less fuel than the Tier 3 version. More fuel savings come from Komatsu’s SmartLoader Logic system and lockup torque converter which also results in better acceleration, more hill-climbing ability and higher speeds.
Komatsu has added several ease-of-maintenance features. These include:
  • New swing-out rear doors provide easy access to the radiator and an auto reversing fan eases cleaning.
  • Gull-wing engine doors make it easy to do daily checks and service items.
  • The DEF fill cap has a sight gauge to prevent overfilling.
  • Hinged panels on each side of the machine make it easier to reach regeneration components.
“The WA480-8 is the perfect tool for quarry, infrastructure and non-residential  construction applications,” noted Craig McGinnis, product marketing manager for Komatsu America. “It’s the perfect three-pass loader for on-highway trucks and hoppers.”
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