The newest version of the Komatsu PC1250 excavator provides more horsepower, more productivity and easier maintenance than previous models.
“The PC1250 offers exceptional customer value across a broad range of applications, including sewer and water, general construction and mass excavation, as well as mining, quarry, sand and gravel,” said Kurt Moncini, senior product manager, tracked equipment, for Komatsu America.
The new PC1250SP-11 and PC1250LC-11 are equipped with a 758-horsepower engine that provides 13% more power than previous models. The new Power+ operating mode enhances engine/hydraulic pump control efficiency, raising productivity by up to 8% without increasing fuel consumption.
The engine is Tier 4 Final certified and doesn’t require Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) or a Selective Catalyst Reduction system, which may reduce maintenance needs.
Like all Komatsu equipment, these excavators are designed for easy maintenance. New ease-of-maintenance features include:
  • Easy access to the engine air/oil/fuel/KCCV filters, which are grouped together.
  • Improved access to the hydraulic cooler core.
  • Hydraulic filter sensors that monitor restriction and trigger a warning on the monitor.
  • Easier access to the cab and left side walkway with an optional hydraulic ladder.
Komatsu has also added operator-friendly features. The PC1250’s standard camera system provides a bird’s eye view of the work area, giving the operator better situational awareness for safety and productivity. The upgraded color monitor has a split-display mode so the operator can see key gauges and the camera view at the same time.
The cab on the new excavator is 3.5 inches wider than on previous models and sound levels are two decibels quieter, creating a comfortable environment for long workdays.
If you need a powerful, productive excavator for large-scale projects, contact your Columbus Equipment Company rep now regarding the new PC1250.