As fellow operators have shared previously in Connection, Komatsu’s iMC technology is not only extremely user friendly, but can increase operating efficiency and capacity significantly. As a 101-style introduction, the system’s dozing control options below allow you to get the most out of every pass simply by clicking the Dozing Control menu on your in-cab monitor.
Choose a load mode based on the kind of materials you’re handling. There are three options:
• Light – for sand or soft, dry materials where the tracks can slip. Also use this for a small amount of material on the blade.
• Normal – for most conditions, including when moving medium amounts of material.
• Heavy – for clay and wet, dense materials where the tracks won’t slip, or when the blade is fully loaded.
Another option is Smooth Start, which provides a smoother ride when backing up for multiple passes. It takes longer to get to grade when Smooth Start is on, so it’s best for deep cuts that require several passes. Turn it off to reach grade quickly on shallow cuts.
You can also match the operating mode to the task.
• Cut & Carry – the machine will fully load the blade, then automatically raise it a bit and maintain that height for the rest of the pass.
• Cutting – the most aggressive setting. The blade attacks the surface and fully loads.
• Spreading – use this setting to distribute material to finish grade.
• Simple grading – in this setting, the blade is the only machine component being automatically controlled. It’s for finish grading with steep transition breaks.
Now you’re ready to get started. For video on this time- and cost-saving feature, go to: https://www. Next issue, we will cover creating a flat plane surface. More Komatsu iMC Kwick Tips can be found under the SMARTConstruction playlist on Komatsu America’s YouTube channel at: Or, to schedule an iMC demonstration, contact your Columbus Equipment Company rep today.