Komatsu iMC Operational Tip: STEERING TO POLYLINE

Procedure: If you should come across an obstacle or atypical condition while operating in Semi-Automatics in the excavator, and want to momentarily by-pass the system, simply apply slight pressure on either of the travel levers and the machine will stay in automatics, but allow you to overcut the target surface in this isolated instance. Be sure to use just enough pressure that the travel alarm sounds, but not enough that excavator actually moves. After letting off the travel lever, the excavator immediately returns to semi-automatics mode.
Use cases: Avoid turning off Semi-Auto to:
1. Dig out a boulder that is above and below target surface
2. Overcut any surface without turning off semi-automatics
3. Perform on-the-fly over-digging to go below bad subgrade
Summary: When an obstacle or other condition—improper subgrade compaction, for example—necessitates overcutting the design surface, instead of turning off semi-automatics and turning back on again, very light pressure can be applied to the travel pedal, allowing the bucket to dig beyond design.
Thanks for reading. Next issue, we will cover building flat surfaces. More Komatsu iMC Kwick Tips can be found under the Smart Construction playlist on Komatsu America’s YouTube channel at: KomatsuAmerica. To schedule an iMC demonstration, contact your Columbus Equipment Company rep today.