Komatsu America announces Komatsu’s intelligent Machine Control 2.0 now available on D51i-24 and D61i-24


Gain the potential to significantly increase dozer productivity

Komatsu is excited to announce the arrival of the Komatsu D51i-24 (131 HP) and D61i-24 (168HP) dozers, now available with Komatsu’s Intelligent Machine Control (iMC) 2.0 installed. Productivity is key to job site success. And just as technology has transformed global business, iMC can help you quickly transform construction job sites into highly efficient, highly productive operations. Incorporating a host of advanced, proprietary machine technology, Komatsu’s iMC lets you leverage productivity-enhancing automation and cutting-edge job site design. Even operators with limited experience can work with utmost efficiency.

With iMC, you can:

  • Get new operators up to speed quickly
  • Go from mass ex to finished grading faster than ever
  • Fully integrate 3D design data into your machines
  • Empower operators to work efficiently, pass after pass

Features for iMC 2.0 dozers

Learns as it works

With proactive dozing control, even less experienced operators can automatically cut/strip from existing terrain. The dozer measures the terrain it tracks over and uses that data to plan the next pass. Productivity can improve by up to 60% versus previous generation.

Spreads fill material automatically

Lift layer control automatically lets operators spread fill from existing terrain with the press of a button. The dozer measures the terrain it tracks over and uses the data it gathers to plan the next pass for up to double your production with consistent layers for compaction quality.

Levels material even during rough dozing

Tilt steering control automatically tilts the blade to maintain straight travel during rough dozing. Reduces operator steering input by up to 80%.

Quick surface creation

Operators can create a temporary design surface with the press of a button with quick surface creation. Combined with other iMC 2.0 functions, crews can begin stripping or spreading using automated input while waiting for the finish grade model.

Cutting-edge automation and job site design

From automatic dozing, rough cut to finish grade, iMC-equipped Komatsu dozers help make every pass count and give you the potential for superior production compared to traditional aftermarket systems.

  • Innovative: Automated operation from rough dozing to finish grade
  • Intelligent: New dozing mode and load control performance features
  • Designed for the machine: Factory-installed, integrated system
  • No cables: No coiled cables between machine and blade
  • No climbing: GNSS antenna and mast removed from blade
  • No connections: No daily connections required between machine and blade
  • Fully supported: Get assistance via Komatsu’s service and support network