Johnson Crushers International (JCI) has expanded its Kodiak® Plus cone crusher series with the K350+, offering high production with a small footprint. The crusher’s footprint is similar in size to a 300-horsepower cone, but has a similar hold-down force to a 400-horsepower machine, producing results in tough applications.
The crusher can be used in applications from coarse secondary crushing to manufactured sand. “You can use the same Kodiak® cone crusher in a coarse application as you would in a fine application by simply changing the liner profile,” said Nick Hahn, product manager for JCI; part of the KPI-JCI and Astec Mobile Screens group.
The Kodiak® Plus line offers Ohio producers a solution to producing sand with a cone plant without the need to make significant changes to the crusher, according to Josh Lovett, aggregate PSSR for Columbus Equipment Company’s Environmental Division.
Many producers use cones to make aggregate, but they’re left with an unusable byproduct; rock that is too small to be crushed into sand. However, with the K350+, producers can go from big rock to making sand with a simple liner change, Lovett said. “Producers can use the K350+ to transform a waste product into a useable, saleable product. That’s a win-win.”
Manufacturing sand with a cone crusher can be difficult and result in premature damage to the crusher, but not with the K350+. “Through a combination of speed, stroke and chamber geometry, the K350+ can handle a wide range of applications and, with the heavy-duty design and innovative features, can reduce the potential for damage to the crusher,” Hahn said.
Another advantage to the K350+ is its roller bearings. Kodiak® roller bearing machines need less than one-third of the lubrication oil that a bushing machine requires—25 to 40 gallons, depending on size, compared to up to 150 gallons on a crusher with bushings.
Additionally, roller bearing cones work in a wide range of temperatures, while bushing cones are limited by oil viscosity and temperature. Roller bearings are far more forgiving in varied climates.
For more information on how the K350+ can upgrade your crushing operation, contact your Environmental Division sales representative or PSSR today.