Komptech Topturn X Series Revolutionizing The Composting Process?


No doubt Komptech’s Topturn X Series is loaded with innovative technology, impressive
design features and a list of operational benefits … but speak to those in the business who
operate these machines and there’s one word they use to describe them—revolutionary. 

Family owned and operated since 1947, Valley View-based Boyas Excavating is a large-scale provider of high-quality, specialty landscape materials in the Cleveland area. Boyas Operator Kenny Kidd is highly-experienced with the equipment, and in the composting process itself. The company’s Topturn X67 has impacted the way Boyas does business in the composting space. “It would take one operator with a wheel loader three weeks and 450 gallons of fuel to turn all of our product.

The X67’s production is excellent … it does the same job in 6 hours and 36 gallons. I can process 100 yards, or 40 feet of windrow, in 5 minutes. We typically would only be able to cycle product once a year. Today, we are currently on our third cycle this year … in August,” Kidd said of the X67’s efficiency.

While efficiency is highly sought after in any commercial operation, the X67’s impact at Boyas is not limited simply to higher productivity. “We now produce a higher quality product with the material being turned significantly more evenly—eliminating hot spots—with better break down and finer appearance,” Kidd added. “We are also able to offer highly-competitive pricing due to the speed and efficiency of the process,” he said. 

The Topturn X67’s heavy-duty design, 446-HP CAT-Acert diesel engine, and armored components explain its power and durability. However, the secret to its success lies in the machine’s turning technology, which accelerates both the turning and rotting processes. 

With more than 20 years invested in the science of composting, Komptech ensures maximum ecological and economical efficiency. In windrow-composting, the rotting process is controlled by turning. This process improves ventilation and provides thorough mixing of the different rotting zones. In the Topturn X, Komptech developed a combination of a large drum with the perfect shape, and a powerful drive that ensures the turner leaves the perfect windrow behind it as it goes. Loosely stacked, with a triangular cross section, the windrow draws in the necessary fresh air by means of a “chimney effect”. Decomposition is aerobic and odors are minimized. The thorough mixing evens out moisture and nutrient differences, creating the perfect conditions for microorganisms … and the development of high-quality product.

The X67’s large drum diameter of up to 5′ 9″ and spiral drum design—with the ideal number of throwing tools guaranteeing thorough mixing and the perfect windrow shape—are at the heart of the process.

Tom Geissinger, regional business manager with Komptech USA further explained “By more effectively turning and oxygenating the entire pile, the Topturn X promotes the release of more gases, resulting in a quicker cook time on the compost. Most importantly, this means the compost is available for sale quicker than competitive product.” Geissinger also touched upon additional Topturn X features and benefits: Totally enclosed hydraulic and engine compartments; the cab’s clean air environment due to the fact it is totally sealed and filtered; as well as the onboard water system to water windrows. 

Geissinger also highlights the significance of being able to save space on the pad by running windrows side by side, with no space required between rows—allowing more rows, more compost … and more profitability from the same space. 

Okay, so “revolutionary” may be an exaggeration when describing the Topturn’s effect on a composting business’ operation. Or is it? “Mulch used to be a side product. Today, it is a frontline product in high demand in the residential and commercial landscape areas. Investment in Komptech technology has transformed our business. It has advanced our operation 20 years,” concluded Kidd.