OSHA requires cranes to undergo inspections at various intervals—both monthly and annually—to ensure safe operation of the equipment. Hoisting machinery must be inspected by someone with thorough knowledge of the requirements, regulations and standards of operating the equipment. Since any problems uncovered by the inspection must be remedied before the crane can be operated again, the slower winter months are the preferred option for most crane owners to have the annual, OSHA inspection—and any repairs—performed.
As a result, Columbus Equipment Company gears up at this time of year for crane inspections that comply with all OSHA requirements. These inspections are conducted by fully-certified technicians—many of whom are certified Master Technicians—who have received extensive training on crane operation and safety as well as on diagnostics, maintenance and repair of cranes.
Our techs will perform a 138-point inspection of your crane, closely examining all wire rope and lifting accessories, hoist, turntable, boom and jibs. A check of all major drive components and hydraulic components is also included. You will receive a written report on the findings, to be kept with the machine’s records, as required by OSHA. If any repairs are needed, the inspector will provide you with a detailed estimate of costs, and a recommendation on time frames so you can budget and plan for any repairs.
While crane operators typically perform monthly inspections themselves, Columbus Equipment is also available to perform these checks, when needed. As a safety precaution, “owners typically prefer us to perform the monthly inspection if the crane has been sitting for a while,” notes Crane Product Support Specialist Chuck Amnah.
To schedule an OSHA-compliant inspection, simply call your local PSR or local Columbus Equipment branch service manager. Audits can be performed at your yard or jobsite.