Apr 14, 2021, 09:38 AM by Jeff Richards
Komatsu’s new PC2000-11 hydraulic excavator can boost productivity in the most economical way – by loading more trucks in a shift without increasing the number of excavators you’re using.
The PC2000-11 offers up to 12% better productivity and faster cycle times, thanks to more engine power, hydraulic monitoring system, and engine pump control. The new Tier 4 engine creates a net 1,046 horsepower, up substantially from previous versions of the PC2000.
The excavator has selectable working modes so the operator can match machine performance to the application. For heavy-duty work, the operator can choose the new Power Plus mode.
“The PC2000-11 is designed to load 70- to 200-ton rigid frame haul trucks and is an excellent tool for stripping overburden, loading coal, and loading shot rock,” said Robert Hussey, product marketing manager, Komatsu America.
The excavator is built to stand up to tough work, too. To ensure a long life, the Dash-11 excavator has more robust track and center frames, stronger boom plates and castings, and larger diameter carrier rollers. It also has improved hydraulic cylinder seals that will survive the most abrasive applications.
For extended life, Komatsu has thought ahead to ensure planned overhauls are easier. “The PC2000-11 has a simplified power module (cooling package, engine, PTO, and hydraulic pumps) that provides excellent accessibility to major components and reduces labor hours when it comes time for a planned overhaul,” Hussey noted. The module also reduces noise levels in the cab.
Safety is another built-in feature on the new PC2000, which is equipped with KomVision—a seven-camera, machine-monitoring system. KomVision gives the operator a 360-degree view of the working area on an in-cab screen, allowing him to monitor all the equipment moving around the work area. Situational awareness also helps productivity.
Contact your Columbus Equipment Company sales rep today for more details about the high productivity and low cost of ownership you’ll experience with the new PC2000-11.
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