GD655-7 Motor Grader


Sep 22, 2020, 12:18 PM by Jeff Richards
The newest version of Komatsu’s GD655 Motor Grader is equipped with a range of enhancements to improve operator comfort and productivity.
“The GD655-7 provides operators with an all-new, ergonomic working environment,” said Bruce Boebel, senior product manager, Komatsu America. “The new spacious cab allows more room for operators working long days.”
Some of the enhancements to improve the operator experience include new low effort controls and steering levers, new transmission controls and an articulation stop-at-center feature, Boebel explained. “Collectively, the new controls significantly reduce operator fatigue.”
The new motor grader has a slightly smaller, “rightsized” steering wheel that provides better visibility out of the cab. It also results in a roomier feel in the cab. For small steering adjustments, the operator can use a steering lever that allows him to keep his hands on the work equipment levers without having to turn to the steering wheel.
To reduce the hand movements operators have to make, Komatsu added a new transmission shift lever so operators can switch between forward, neutral and reverse with a finger. For precise control of movement, the operator can use the inching pedal.
The dual-mode transmission combines the benefits of direct drive for high travel speeds and a torque converter for tractive effort.
Under the hood, the GD655-7 is equipped with a new 218-hp Tier 4 certified engine. For optimal fuel savings, the grader is also equipped with a two-mode, three-stage variable horsepower control. With this feature, the operator can choose between economy or power mode, matching application needs.
As with every Komatsu, the GD655 is designed for easy service. Technicians have easy access to the engine and hydraulic oil, coolant drains, and fuel and DEF fill. The machine also comes with Komatsu Care, which provides scheduled maintenance for the first 2,000 hours or three years— whether you buy, lease, or rent the equipment.
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