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Komatsu iMC Operational Tip: STEERING TO POLYLINE

Mar 26, 2020, 14:36 PM by Jeff Richards
On any given building pad in a design file, a dozer operator may want to extend the grade of the pad. Why? One good example is so other equipment that will be working on/around the building pad later has a nice, level surface on which to work. An excavator coming in after the dozer to dig footers for a building will be able to move around the designed building pad more quickly and efficiently because of an even surface surrounding the area.
The procedure for deviating from the existing design file is as follows:
  1. Press and hold the desired polyline on the iMC monitor screen
  2. On the menu that pops up, choose “Polyline.”
  3. Then select “Steer to” or “Steer to offset”.
  4. If using an offset, enter the amount you want to overcut and tap “OK”. Note: In plan view, the offset will be highlighted and in the section view, there is now a vertical line to follow. To move the indicator triangle, just tap on the blade and select “Move control”. The dozer will cut to the design elevation and cross slope at that triangle.
Additional applications for this useful function include:
  1. When overcutting a curb to a certain distance beyond design
  2. When extending a building pad beyond design
Now you’re ready to get started. Next issue, we will cover overriding semi-auto in a Komatsu iMC excavator using travel levers. More Komatsu iMC Kwick Tips can be found under the SmartConstruction playlist on Komatsu America’s YouTube channel at: To schedule an iMC demonstration, contact your Columbus Equipment Company rep today.
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