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Apr 11, 2019, 09:10 AM by Jeff Richards
A new software update for Komatsu iMC excavators includes user enhancements to help you customize the machine for the jobsite. These features will speed up some routine operations, specifically excavator bucket exchanges and vertical offsets.
Bucket Exchanges: When the software is installed, you’ll find a shortcut button on the main screen allowing the operator to let the machine know when the bucket is changed. This shortcut button provides a quick and easy way to retrieve stored information on calibrated buckets. Previously, the operator had to go through multiple screens to access the calibration information on different buckets.
Vertical Offsets: The software update also includes preset buttons for vertical offsets. Operators will be able to preset three offsets on the main touchscreen. Mike Fenster, Columbus Equipment Company’s SMARTConstruction Division manager, compares the buttons to radio presets. When the operator moves to different tasks that require different offsets, he can reset the offsets for the new situation. Previously operators had to dial in offsets in increments of 1/10 of a foot every time they needed an offset, so the new presets will be far more time efficient.
“This cycle of software modifications is just one example of how Komatsu listens to customer feedback and responds by incorporating into system upgrades,” noted Fenster.
The software update is free for all models of intelligent Machine Control excavators—PC210LCi, PC290LCi, PC360LCi, PC390LCi or PC490LCi. Contact the SMARTConstruction office at (614) 802-7099 about getting the free update, or to schedule an iMC demonstration. Additional Komatsu iMC Kwick Tips can be found under the SMARTConstruction playlist on Komatsu America’s YouTube channel at:
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