Dec 3, 2018, 09:13 AM by Jeff Richards
Komatsu’s PC210LCi-11 intelligent Machine Control (iMC) excavator is now available with a machine-control-function-enabled joystick. Operators have requested that frequently-used machine control functions be located on the operator’s control lever, making them more convenient to access and activate.
The new joystick is on the PC210LCi-11, the second-generation version of the intelligent 210 excavator, which Komatsu recently introduced. The excavator features Komatsu’s proven integrated machine control technology that increases excavating efficiency by up to two-thirds over a standard excavator and traditional stake and grade-checker methods.
Owners using the first-generation iMC excavator have already found that iMC technology effectively eliminates the need for grading dozers and grade checkers. The technology also minimizes costs that result from overexcavation, such as the extra materials, time and fuel required to fill low spots. With the increased efficiency of iMC equipment, contractors can finish jobs quickly and collect bonuses for on-time or early completion of projects.
“This excavator is productive and precise enough to be a fixture on jobsites from basement and foundation pads to utility work,” said Sebastian Witkowski, product marketing manager. “In addition to the industry-leading efficiency all machine owners look for, the added convenience of the machine-control-joystick functionality should make operators happy.”
Komatsu’s integrated machine control system allows the excavator to dig to grade anywhere on a jobsite that a GPS-enabled dozer can. Additionally, the technology has full 3D capabilities and combines GPS with machine hydraulics and stroke sensing cylinders to automate work equipment functions. The iMC excavator performs in a vastly more automated way than you can get with an aftermarket system.
Operators also benefit from advanced guidance systems, all operated from a touchscreen with a simple, intuitive interface.
The PC210LCi-11 is covered by the Komatsu CARE program, providing scheduled maintenance for the first three years or 2,000 hours.
If you are new to iMC equipment, Columbus Equipment Company’s SMARTConstruction Division is here to provide assistance and training, and help with jobsite setup. Contact your Columbus Equipment Company representative to see how much more efficiency—and profitability—the PC210LCi-11 can bring to your jobs.
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