Carlson Paving Products
The CP-90 Commercial Paver
With EZ Screed Is Here!

Columbus Equipment Company is proud to announce the addition of Carlson Paving Products—the premier manufacturer of innovative paving solutions for over 25 years—to our offering. Driven by the prospect of providing paving contractors with the capability, reliability and efficiency needed to continue moving the industry forward, Carlson recently introduced the CP-90 Commercial Paver with EZ Screed.

The CP-90 is an 8-foot, commercial-class paver with all the high-quality design and performance features you would expect from a Carlson product:

  1. Dual-operator platform—allows operation from both sides in sitting or standing position
  2. Independent control of auger (heavy duty 12" cast auger with replaceable sections) and conveyor
  3. CAT 3.4 Tier III engine with 84 hp @2500 rpm
  4. Replaceable Conveyor Floor Plates (3/8") Hardox
  5. Electric heat w/16kw Tractor Mount Gen-Set

More importantly, adding the Easy Screed to a heavy-duty and completely rebuildable Carlson tractor is a winning combination for the commercial-class paving contractor, potentially adding three years to the life of the machine. The CP-90 paves parking lots, city streets, bike trails, golf paths and driveways, and, backed by Carlson's commitment, is the answer to superior paving performance and longer lifecycle ownership.

If you are a commercial paver looking to make a return on your equipment investment, look no further. The Carlson CP-90 is “Made in the USA” in Tacoma, WA and is custom-built for commercial/private bid work.

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