The mining industry represents one of the most rugged-use applications in the world. To meet the demands, powerful, reliable equipment and technology are essential. Komatsu’s broad selection of equipment will move more material, in less time, at a reduced cost per ton—improving your bottom line.

Columbus Equipment Company understands the need to optimize operational efficiency and provides the necessary tools to do just that. VHMS, for example, gathers machine information through satellite communication systems, allowing the owner, distributor and manufacturer to analyze trend data and address issues before they become major problems. This forward-thinking, predictive-maintenance approach means less downtime, which in turn means greater productivity and profitability.






“When we bought our first Komatsu, it was really because we were so impressed with Columbus Equipment Company. We had looked at and
demoed other machines, but it was the level of response at Columbus Equipment Company that tilted our decision in Komatsu's favor. At Miami River Stone, we have high expectations for the service and support offered by providers. Columbus Equipment consistently meets those expectations.”

Tom Milligan, CEO and Owner
Miami River Stone Company