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Greaseless boom save time and reduces wear New efficient fly pinning design Unmatched transport flexibility jobsite travel Compliant to the highest emission requirements Link-Belt Pulse - rated capacity limiter telematics and much more 20 tilting operators cab with AMFM radio with Bluetooth Upper Cameras winch operation and swing Carrier Cameras back-upand rtight turn Automated manual transmission Halogen daytime running headlights and LED lighting Illuminated compartments and controls for night-time operation 110-Ton 100 mt Telescopic Truck Crane LINK-BELT CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT Lexington Kentucky USA Contact your local Columbus Equipment Company representative about a HTC-86110 today DD-Crane Rental LLC is involved in the biggest project the company has every tackled and its one of biblical proportions literally. The company is providing crane services for the Ark Encounter in Williamstown Kentucky where a full-scale reproduction of Noahs Ark is being built. When completed the ark will be the largest timber-frame structure in the United States measuring 510 feet long and 80 feet tall. D-Crane has three cranes on site including a Link-Belt HTC-86100 the company recently purchased from Columbus Equipment Company and a Link-Belt RTC-8065 rented for the job. Three D-Crane operators and a rigger will be working on the ark at least through the end of the year said Rob Domaschko Sr. owner of D-Crane. The RTC is being used to assist masons building towers and elevators shafts by lifting up blocks and mortar to heights forklifts cant reach. The 86100 and a Manitowoc crane are being used to lift up the timber bents that form the frame of the ark. The bents weigh about 25000 pounds each and the Link-Belt lifts them up about 90 feet and out 90 to 100 feet. The Troyer Groupcontractor for the projectis using Amish woodworkers alongside modern equipment such as that supplied by D-Crane. Domaschko had never worked with Troyer before and he thinks his companys location in Walton Kentucky not far from Williamstown might have led the contractor to first contact him. Attending two years of meetings and keeping quiet about the project until construction was 3 D-Crane Rental LLC EXPANDS ARK OF INFLUENCE WITH NEW LINK-BELT HTC-86100 CUSTOMER SPOTLIGHT The ark will be the largest timber-frame structure in the United States. Ark Encounter materials are measured in standardized 20 cubitstraditionally a variable measurement from the tip of the middle finger to the elbow. The crew is 60-70 Amish and the 1.6-million board feet of timber is spruce and Douglas fir from Oregon and Washington states. Ron Hoerst left and Tony Tittle bring a combined 70 years of lifting experience to the D-Crane team. Background The Arks 25000-lb. bent sections are 22-layer glulams from Alabama and are considered pound-for-pound stronger than steel. ready to start also helped he reckoned. Landing the ark project provided an excellent reason to acquire the 100-ton Link-Belt Domaschko said. He had purchased a used Link-Belt HTC-8690 from Columbus Equipment Company about two years ago and we liked it so much it motivated us to get another one. Wed gotten dependent on having a big crane and couldnt do without one while it was tied up on a project for six months. The 86100 is an extremely operator-friendly crane he said. It also has a very strong chartthe strongest in its class of 100-ton truck cranes I think. We can set it up fast break it down fast and move on to the next project. It also goes down the road good and rides nice which makes the operator more comfortable and allows him to do more. D-Crane owns eight cranes ranging in size from a 23-ton boom truck to the 100-ton truck crane. Before he bought the Link-Belt truck cranes the biggest crane in the fleet was a 70-tonner. Naturally we can do a lot more with a 90- and 100-ton crane than with a 70-ton crane. Weve gone from being able to work 200 feet up to 230 feet up and from a 150-foot working radius to a 200-foot working radius. In our business higher is better and out is betteryou can do more work and be more versatile Domaschko said. Despite the increase in size and range the new HTC drives down the road like a 70-ton and sets up like a 70-ton but it can do a lot more than a 70-ton. The purchase of the 86100 was the first time Domaschko bought a new crane and Columbus Equipment Company made the process painless he said. Bob Weber head of Columbus Equipment Companys Lifting Division and Roger Reese sales representative really explained it well to me. I didnt even know if our credit was strong enough to do it but they helped me believe in myself. He has had good experiences working with the parts and service departments at Columbus Equipment Company too. They are eager to help. Ive never had a problem getting ahold of someone and Ive never had a problem getting a part. Everyone has done all they can to make things happen. Domaschko started D-Crane in 2003 as a one-man one-crane company. He learned to run a crane in the Navy and worked for other crane rental companies for about a dozen years before starting his own firm with a used Grove crane. The recession years were lean but D-Crane survived and now has 10 employees. Domaschkos son Rob Jr. joined the company in 2011 to handle sales and marketing. D-Crane operates mostly in Cincinnati and northern Kentucky typically providing services such as setting struc- tural steel setting mechanical equipment and lifting heavy machinery. The company has worked on several power plants and also does work for aggregate plants in the area. As the company has added equipment it has taken on some high-profile jobs. For the Major League Baseball All-Star Game in Cincinnati we set the structural steel for the new scoreboard with the HTC-8690 Domaschko said. That was a national event and was pretty cool. But building the ark might just be cooler he added. 5 The 86100 is an extremely operator-friendly crane. It also has a very strong chartthe strongest in its class of 100-ton truck cranes. Rob Domaschko Sr. Owner D-Crane Rental LLC Lead Framer Eli Stoltzfus right of Highline Construction manages what may well be the worlds largest puzzle. Operators Chris Harper left and Eric Saft in cab maneuver a 6100-lb. rig cellar with the companys new Link-Belt RTC-8080 Rough Terrain Crane. Cellars can be used to house casing spools and casing heads as well as the lower part of the Blow Out Preventer on some smaller rigs. I In the 60-plus years since the Nicolozakes Trucking Companys original founding as a trucking company with one truck to its name the current Nicolozakes Trucking Construction Inc. has become a diversified multi-faceted company offering a wide range of services in southeastern Ohio and the surrounding area. The company provides crane rigging and millwright services oil and gas services such as rigging excavating and grading specialized hauling general contracting services factory disassembly and relocation as well as catering to industrial and manufacturing customers. The companys philosophy has always been to concen- trate on core competencies and to follow a path of slow conservative growth said William A. Bill Nicolozakes president. We are not afraid to look customers in the eye and turn away work rather than take on more than we can perform to our quality standards. Bill and his cousin Dean Nicolozakes secretary-treasurer learned about disciplined growth from their fathers company founders Stanley and William G. Bill Nicolozakes. The founders father Gust Nicolozakes was a living example of hard work. He emigrated to the United States at the age of 14 and worked as a miner cowboy and baker before losing everything during The Great Depression. Gust later started a trucking company and hauled coal. When Gust retired Bill and Stanley inherited one truckwithout an engine. They won enough money in a craps game to buy an engine and began building their company in 1953 borrowing money to buy more trucks. My dad told us a thousand times You dont know stress until youve borrowed money and have to tell the bank you cant make the first payment Bill said. Fortunately they reinvested in the company as they grew. The Nicolozakeses continue to invest in the company. In the last year they realized they needed a larger crane than the 90-ton Grove TM890 that was their largest in a fleet of five cranes. The purchase was customer driven. We have a corral of excellent operators and our services are in high demand because we perform quality work and are a local company Bill said. The executives felt confident demand would remain high. With the cautiousness that is ingrained in the company culture they embarked on a thorough search for the right crane for their needs comparing Grove Terex and Link- Belt machines. After touring Link-Belts manufacturing plant in Kentucky they decided to purchase a new Link- Belt HTC-3140 LB from Columbus Equipment Company. We were impressed that they weld and press the booms Nicolozakes Trucking Construction Inc. HONORS A FAMILY LEGACY INSPIRED BY THE GREAT DEPRESSION Gust Nicolozakes emigrated to the United States at the age of 14 and worked as a miner cowboy and baker before losing everything during The Great Depression. 7 Top left Grandparents Gust and Diamanta Nicolozakes.Top right Founders William G.Bill and Stanley Nicolozakes.Bottom The company fleet has changed considerably since the 1950s. CUSTOMER SPOTLIGHT in Kentucky. We were also impressed with the cranes safety systems and the operator friendliness of the crane control system Link-Belts customer support is also impres- sive said Dean a certified crane operator. They found Link-Belt employees to be professional knowl- edgeable and attentive to detail. We could see their passion down there Bill said. Gary Rice the companys regional sales manager for Ohio gave us straight answers to our questions. Originally the Nicolozakeses had considered purchasing a 100-ton Link-Belt 86100 but we were kicking around the idea of getting a larger crane and once we saw the 3140 we realized that was the right machine for what we do Bill said. The 140-ton crane allows us to perform a wider range of services for customers offers additional capacity for lifting jobs and provides an additional safety buffer for personnel. Another factor in Link-Belts favor was Columbus Equipment Companys customer support. Nicolozakes Trucking was founded just a year after Columbus Equipment started and the two companies have had a good relationship since the early days. Columbus Equipment sold us two of the Grove cranes we ownwe bought them new back in 1986. Columbus Equipment has a proven track record and we feel confident that if we have any service requirements they will be responsive. They have a good network of experienced technicians. They understand that we and our customers cannot afford to be down for any period of time Bill said. Columbus Equipment still assists Nicolozakes Trucking with their Grove cranes noted Joe Moore Columbus Equipment sales representative. The 3140 is their first Link-Belt purchase. It met all their criteria for lifting capa- bilities for the different applications they will use it for primarily in the energy business but also for commercial work. It is a highly versatile piece of equipment. In addition to investing in quality equipment one of our most important investments is in our people Bill said. A few years ago when work was slow we kept men working in our own shop instead of sending them home in an effort to retain our quality people. We have a family culture and solid people who are good at what they do. We are proud of what we do. We vet employees personally to ensure we only have top quality people here. The company is still family run with Bill Dean and Deans brotherBill J. Nicolozakes vice president of engineeringin leadership roles. Deans son John has also started working for the company as safety and business development manager adding another generation to the mixanother generation learning that safety quality and thoughtful growth are key ingredients in the family recipe for success. We have a corral of excellent operators and our services are in high demand because we perform quality work William A. Bill Nicolozakes President Nicolozakes Trucking Construction Inc. 8 Bill Nicolozakes is under no illusion that one of our most important investments is in our people. Members of the Nicolozakes team can be seen pictured recently with the companys new Link-Belt HTC-3140 LB and Columbus Equipment Company personnel at Link-Belts Lexington KY facility. LLink-Belt recently introduced a 110-ton hydraulic truck crane that outreaches the competition with a 164-foot main boom and 172.8-foot tip height. In fact the Link- Belt HTC-86110 exceeds the competition in most catego- ries noted Bob Weber head of Columbus Equipment Companys Lifting Division. This crane is not a warmed- over 100-ton. The 86110 is a fresh-from-the-ground-up engineering product. Link-Belt listened to what customers wanted and included much of that input in this crane. The available 58-foot on-board fly has four offset positions and features an innovative fly pinning system that mini- mizes the need for ladders greatly increasing safety Weber noted. The fly has an integrated 10-foot swing-out section that can lift up to 23.5 tons and is ideal for applica- tions where four parts of line are needed or can provide a one-loadtwo-line lift solution. The cab is equipped with a power tilt that ranges from zero to 20 degrees to provide the operator with a better view on high lifts. A camera package also gives the operator a better view when backing up or making a right turn. The improved winch package delivers a maximum line pull of 20739 lbs. and the maximum line speed on the winch is an impressive 495 feet per second. The HTC-86110SII winch package provides both speed and power to outwork the competition. Transporting the Tier 4 HTC-86110 is easy too. A fully- equipped crane can travel with 8000 lbs. of counterweight without a boom dolly. The additional counterweight can travel on one overflow truck and leave plenty of room for toolbox rigging mats and other supplies. Link-Belt has simplified routine maintenance by including a centralized pressure check and grease banks. Safety features include guard rails on the upper structures numerous entry points for the operator and a pull-out cabwalk. Weber expects the crane to be in demand for applications including mechanical work steel erection oil and gas field work and general construction. The 86110 represents excellent value to anyone currently using a 100-ton crane by virtue of the added capacity and longer boom. Link-Belt Adds HTC-86110 TO DYNAMIC MARKET-LEADING HTC SEGMENT 9 The 86110 represents excellent value to anyone currently using a 100-ton crane by virtue of the added capacity and longer boom. Bob Weber Head of Lifting Division Columbus Equipment Company PRODUCT SUPPORT Contact your local Columbus Equipment Company representative about Link-Belt Genuine Parts today LET LINK-BELT LIFT THE LOAD Rough Terrain Cranes Models Capacity US t mt Boom Type Length ft m Maximum Tip Height ft m Base Machine Weight w Std. Ctwt. lb kg RTC-8050 Series II 50 50 4-Section 35.5 - 110 10.8 - 33.5 168 51.2 73899 33520 RTC-8065 Series II 65 60 4-Section 38 - 115 11.6 - 35.0 211.6 64.5 84967 38540 RTC-8090 Series II 90 80 5-Section 38 - 140 11.6 - 42.7 238 72.5 99930 45327 100RT 100 90 6-Section 38 - 164 11.5 - 50 261.7 79.8 93516 42418 RTC-80110 Series II 110 100 5-Section 40 - 150 12.2 - 45.7 250 76.2 129442 58714 RTC-80130 Series II 130 120 5-Section 41.4 - 162 12.6 - 49.3 278 84.7 131663 59721 Telescopic Truck Cranes Models Capacity US t mt Boom Type Length ft m Maximum Tip Height ft m Base Machine Weight w Std. Ctwt. lb kg HTC-8660 Series II 60 50 4-Section 35.5 - 110 10.8 - 33.5 167 50.9 72493 32883 HTC-8675 Series II 75 70 4-Section 41 - 127 12.5 - 38.7 230 70.2 85451 38760 HTC-86100 100 85 5-Section 38 - 140 11.6 - 42.7 237 72.2 90572 41083 HTC-86110 110 100 6-Section 38.3 - 164.1 11.6 - 50 261.6 79.7 99440 41316 HTC-3140 LB 140 120 6-Section 42.3 - 195.3 12.9 - 59.5 311 94.8 126618 57433 All Terrain Cranes Models Capacity US t mt Boom Type Length ft m Maximum Tip Height ft m Base Machine Weight w Std. Ctwt. lb kg ATC-3210 210 185 6-Section 44.3 - 200.1 13.5 - 61 326.7 99.6 158585 71933 ATC-3275 275 250 7-Section 350 106.7 169792 77016 Lattice Crawler Cranes Models Capacity US t mt Crane Operating Weight lb kg Boom Type Length ft m Maximum Boom Jib Combinations ft m 138 HSL 80 73 145403 65954 Tube 40 - 200 12.19 - 60.96 180 60 54.86 18.29 146743 66561 Angle 40 - 160 12.19 - 45.72 150 60 45.72 18.29 218 HSL 110 100 190058 86209 Tube 40 - 230 12.19 - 70.10 200 75 60.96 22.86 Angle 45 - 155 13.71 - 47.24 - 238 HSL 150 137 262677 119148 Tube 50 - 260 15.24 - 79.25 230 80 70.10 24.38 248 HSL 200 182 270130 122529 Tube 55 - 285 16.76 - 86.86 245 100 74.68 30.48 298 HSL 250 227 390069 176935 Tube 60 - 300 18.29 - 91.44 270 90 82.30 27.43 Telescopic Crawler Cranes Models Capacity US t mt Boom Type Length ft m Height Width Length ft m Op. Weight lb kg TCC-500 50 51 4-Section 35.6 - 110 10.8 - 33.8 H 9.11 3.01 W 11.5 3.49 L 45.5 13.9 99750 45246 TCC-750 75 70 4-Section 38.6 - 115.6 11.8 - 35.2 H 10.4 3.17 W 11.4 3.48 L 47.9 14.35 145000 65770 TCC-1100 110 100 5-Section 40 - 150 12.2 - 45.7 H 11.8 3.60 W 11.9 3.62 L 48.6 14.81 221500 100471 PRODUCT LINE 2016 Mediaworks Marketing Inc. 2323 Performance Way Columbus OH 43207 Ohios Authorized Link-Belt Dealer TOLEDO RICHFIELD MASSILLON CADIZ PIKETON DAYTON CINCINNATI COLUMBUS CORPORATE OFFICE C O L U M B U S 614 443-6541 T O L E D O 419 872-7101 C I N C I N N A T I 513 771-3922 R I C H F I E L D 330 659-6681 Z A N E S V I L L E 740 455-4036 P A I N E S V I L L E 440 352-0452 P I K E T O N 740 289-3757 Statewide Coverage From The Following Locations PAINESVILLE Ohios Dependable Dealer ZANESVILLE C A D I Z 740 942-8871 D A Y T O N 937 879-3154 M A S S I L L O N 330 833-2420