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DD-Crane Rental LLC is involved in the biggest project the company has every tackled and its one of biblical proportions literally. The company is providing crane services for the Ark Encounter in Williamstown Kentucky where a full-scale reproduction of Noahs Ark is being built. When completed the ark will be the largest timber-frame structure in the United States measuring 510 feet long and 80 feet tall. D-Crane has three cranes on site including a Link-Belt HTC-86100 the company recently purchased from Columbus Equipment Company and a Link-Belt RTC-8065 rented for the job. Three D-Crane operators and a rigger will be working on the ark at least through the end of the year said Rob Domaschko Sr. owner of D-Crane. The RTC is being used to assist masons building towers and elevators shafts by lifting up blocks and mortar to heights forklifts cant reach. The 86100 and a Manitowoc crane are being used to lift up the timber bents that form the frame of the ark. The bents weigh about 25000 pounds each and the Link-Belt lifts them up about 90 feet and out 90 to 100 feet. The Troyer Groupcontractor for the projectis using Amish woodworkers alongside modern equipment such as that supplied by D-Crane. Domaschko had never worked with Troyer before and he thinks his companys location in Walton Kentucky not far from Williamstown might have led the contractor to first contact him. Attending two years of meetings and keeping quiet about the project until construction was 3 D-Crane Rental LLC EXPANDS ARK OF INFLUENCE WITH NEW LINK-BELT HTC-86100 CUSTOMER SPOTLIGHT The ark will be the largest timber-frame structure in the United States. Ark Encounter materials are measured in standardized 20 cubitstraditionally a variable measurement from the tip of the middle finger to the elbow. The crew is 60-70 Amish and the 1.6-million board feet of timber is spruce and Douglas fir from Oregon and Washington states. Ron Hoerst left and Tony Tittle bring a combined 70 years of lifting experience to the D-Crane team. Background The Arks 25000-lb. bent sections are 22-layer glulams from Alabama and are considered pound-for-pound stronger than steel.