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33D Lift Plan is a web-based tool that allows users of Link-Belt cranes to develop a 3-dimensional simulation of any lift they plan to do from choosing the most economical crane to figuring out where everyone should be on the jobsite during the lift. The program allows users to create a very detailed lift plan without the need to use CAD programs noted Tawnia Weiss president of A1A Software which developed the program. Link-Belt partnered with A1A Software. One of the manufacturers stipulations was that the program be web-based so users dont need to install or update software. With 3D Lift Plan users are able to find the best crane for the lift sizing the crane they need more accurately. They can figure out ground-bearing pressure in accordance with new OSHA regulations and they can run simulations of lifts to check capacity during the lift and find the best location to avoid obstructions. Users can also test out rigging configura- tions and print 3-D renderings of the lift from any angle. The program doubles as a sales tool for crane service companies and contractors because the 3-D simulation helps customers visualize exactly what will happen dur- ing the pick better than any two-dimensional plan. The better simulation makes customers more comfortable in selecting a company for the lift Weiss said. Link-Belt users can sign up for a standard account at for free or follow the link from the Link-Belt Preferred website and they have free access to use all Link-Belt cranes in their 3-D models. Users may upgrade their account to access features such as importing Google Earth maps importing CAD plans and using vari- ous rigging tests. Users can also upgrade to access a library of hundreds of cranes from dozens of manufacturers. Free hour-long training sessions are available online on Tuesdays and Wednesdays to help beginners learn the program and more advanced classes are available. Weiss recently conducted an onsite training session for Columbus Equipment Company customers and staff. 3D Lift Plan is a great tool that Link-Belt provides to all their owners said Bob Weber head of Columbus Equipments Lifting Division. This resource looks like it will be very helpful said Brent Meldrum owner of Meldrum Mechanical Services Inc. who attended the 3D Lift Plan training at Columbus Equipment Company. Some of our job sites require a lift plan and I can see where showing the 3D simulation could be the difference you need in landing a quoted project. A1A Softwares 3D Lift Plan THE LIFTING PROFESSIONALS BEST FRIEND 9 PRODUCT SUPPORT