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A After setting a record for crane sales in 2014 Columbus Equipment Company is continuing to service a hot market for cranes in Ohio in 2015. Both sales activity and rental activity are strong noted Bob Weber head of Columbus Equipment Companys Lifting Division. In just the first four months of 2015 we have already bought eight cranes from Link-Belt. Of those cranes five have been purchased by customers including three 65-ton rough-terrain cranes a 100-ton truck crane and a 210-ton all-terrain crane. The other three cranes have been placed in the Columbus Equipment rental fleet. The strong crane activity is indicative of strong economic activity. The oil and gas sector might be off from the peak but general construction and public sector con- struction activity continues to do well Weber noted. Additionally crane rental houses are expanding or updat- ing their fleets to meet the demand for cranes. People are drawn to Link-Belt because they are drawn to Columbus Equipment. We have had relationships with many of these customers for years. Many are previous Grove customers who have converted to Link-Belt Weber said. Visiting the Link-Belt factory in Lexington helps some buyers make up their mind he added. They get to talk to the engineers and gain confidence in the product they are buying. There is a lot that goes into specification and pricing but there is so much that goes into how they feel about it. Link-Belt welcomes the opportunity to meet potential customers and encourages them to try out machines meet with company executives and engineers and even talk to workers on the production line said Gary Rice district manager for Link-Belt who works closely with Columbus Equipment in arranging factory visits. Rice who began his career with Link-Belt on the production floor 40 years ago also functions as an expert resource for customers. Our philosophy is a great deal different than other manufacturers. Link-Belt still believes in developing long- term relationships with our customers. That thought pro- cess is very similar to Columbus Equipments he noted. While the economy is helping sales of Link-Belt cranes in Ohio Rice gives credit to Columbus Equipments effort to familiarize customers with the brand. They are a great company. They spent the recession working hard out there on customer product education and now those customers are in a position to invest in and grow their businesses he said. 2 Link-Belt still believes in developing long-term relationships with our customers. That thought process is very similar to Columbus Equipments. Gary Rice District Manager Link-Belt Link-BeltColumbus Equipment Company INVESTED IN THE FUTURE SUCCESS OF CUSTOMERS INDUSTRY NEWS