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Bakers Welding Crane Service In March 2015 Bakers Welding Crane Service took delivery of a Link-Belt ATC-3210 210-ton all-terrain crane the first of this new Link-Belt design to be delivered in Ohio. The ATC-3210 is seen here preparing The Elkeyea 55000-lb. Ohio State Parks Department of Natural Resources dredgefor the 2015 season. HEAVY LIFTERS A Resource For The Lifting-Industry Professional GROWING STRATEGICALLY AND SAFELY A After setting a record for crane sales in 2014 Columbus Equipment Company is continuing to service a hot market for cranes in Ohio in 2015. Both sales activity and rental activity are strong noted Bob Weber head of Columbus Equipment Companys Lifting Division. In just the first four months of 2015 we have already bought eight cranes from Link-Belt. Of those cranes five have been purchased by customers including three 65-ton rough-terrain cranes a 100-ton truck crane and a 210-ton all-terrain crane. The other three cranes have been placed in the Columbus Equipment rental fleet. The strong crane activity is indicative of strong economic activity. The oil and gas sector might be off from the peak but general construction and public sector con- struction activity continues to do well Weber noted. Additionally crane rental houses are expanding or updat- ing their fleets to meet the demand for cranes. People are drawn to Link-Belt because they are drawn to Columbus Equipment. We have had relationships with many of these customers for years. Many are previous Grove customers who have converted to Link-Belt Weber said. Visiting the Link-Belt factory in Lexington helps some buyers make up their mind he added. They get to talk to the engineers and gain confidence in the product they are buying. There is a lot that goes into specification and pricing but there is so much that goes into how they feel about it. Link-Belt welcomes the opportunity to meet potential customers and encourages them to try out machines meet with company executives and engineers and even talk to workers on the production line said Gary Rice district manager for Link-Belt who works closely with Columbus Equipment in arranging factory visits. Rice who began his career with Link-Belt on the production floor 40 years ago also functions as an expert resource for customers. Our philosophy is a great deal different than other manufacturers. Link-Belt still believes in developing long- term relationships with our customers. That thought pro- cess is very similar to Columbus Equipments he noted. While the economy is helping sales of Link-Belt cranes in Ohio Rice gives credit to Columbus Equipments effort to familiarize customers with the brand. They are a great company. They spent the recession working hard out there on customer product education and now those customers are in a position to invest in and grow their businesses he said. 2 Link-Belt still believes in developing long-term relationships with our customers. That thought process is very similar to Columbus Equipments. Gary Rice District Manager Link-Belt Link-BeltColumbus Equipment Company INVESTED IN THE FUTURE SUCCESS OF CUSTOMERS INDUSTRY NEWS JJeff Baker describes his entry into the crane business as accidental but in a way he was following the age-old path to business successfind a need and offer services to fill that need. I needed a crane for a project but I couldnt find anyone locally to provide one so I bought one Baker said. He pur- chased his first crane a 26-year-old Bucyrus-Erie truck crane in 1994. Soon other companies around Zanesville were ask- ing him to provide crane services and his welding business became a welding and crane service company. I just kept buying newer and bigger cranes as the years went on. In March 2015 Bakers Welding Crane Service took delivery of a Link-Belt ATC-3210 210-ton all-terrain crane the first of this new Link-Belt design to be delivered in Ohio. Baker purchased the ATC-3210 to replace a 1996 model Grove 5120 and There is no comparison between the two he said. The Link-Belt can be set up more easily and quickly than competitive models. The ATC-3210 also makes good time on the highway. The Link-Belt is far superior in convenience and ease of use both on and off the road he added. Baker is using the 210-ton crane for work including setting modular houses cell towers box culverts and bridge beams. I really like Link-Belt machines Baker commented. Link-Belts are more user-friendly for the operators. For instance he noted operators must stop competitive machines in a certain position when they want to get out whereas they can stop the Link-Belt in any position and still safely exit the cab and reach the ground. Baker has 18 cranes ranging in size from a 3.5-ton carry deck up to the new 3210. The fleet includes a 1999 Link-Belt 8640 truck crane and a 2007 Link-Belt 8675 truck crane. Link-Belts are dependable machines. We dont have issues with them he noted. Link-Belt and Columbus Equipment are a good fit Baker said. Dealer support is important for someone as small as we are and the service we get from Columbus Equipment is unbelievable. We have no mechanics so we depend on them and they have always been here for us. 3 Bakers Welding Crane Service GROWING STRATEGICALLY AND SAFELY CUSTOMER SPOTLIGHT Power Precision Mar-Zane Materials Asphalt Plant 29 Manager Tom Jones right provides the precision to the ATC-3210s powerdelivered by Bakers Welding Crane Service Operator Jason Tom. Jeff Baker owner of Bakers Welding Crane Service seen here onsite in Morristown Ohio with the companys Link-Belt ATC-3210. Bakers Welding Crane Services HTC-8675 and ATC-3210 foreground cranes combine to raise twin 48000-lb. asphalt plant towers at Mar-Zane Materials Asphalt Plant 29 in Morristown Ohio. Lead Operator Jason Tom top right and team coordinate efforts. They are outstanding every day. They have always done a super job with parts service and sales. Baker has been a Columbus Equipment customer for about 15 years and he purchased several Grove cranes through the company when it sold that brand. He is slowly but happily transitioning his fleet to Link-Belt which he prefers over other brands. Lead Operator Jason Tom is also a believer and big fan of Link-Belts Pulse operating system which keeps him ahead of the curve in terms of optimal precise and most importantly safe operation. When Baker decided to update his large all-terrain crane his first inclination was to buy used. However after looking at the used market It was a no-brainer to get a new one. People wanted 75 percent of the new price for a machine with 20000 hours Baker said. Jeff put a lot of consideration into the purchase said Bob Weber head of Columbus Equipments Lifting Division. The ATC-3210 can be permitted and moved easily in Ohio because of its weight and weight distribution and the ease of movement and teardown were important factors. The largest crane the company previously owned was a 120-ton so this was a big step in the growth of the company. We are glad to know he has had the 210-ton crane out on numerous jobs and it appears to be a very healthy fit for his business Weber added. Baker started his welding business in 1984 after working in welding shops for about five years. Currently his business is split about evenly between welding and crane work. His welders work on projects such as struc- tural steel for hotels and do job shop work and the crane operators perform contract work for a variety of customers including many building contractors. Bakers Welding Crane Service employs 13 people and Baker is quick to give them credit for the companys success. I have a bunch of great employees who work with me not for me he said. We had a rough three years dur- ing the recession like everyone in the country but now the outlook is good and we have a fair amount of work. Buying the new Link-Belt was an investment in the future. You have to keep growing to stay in the race he said and the 3210 will allow the company to do that. Bakers son Levi has worked alongside him for years and has always aspired to follow in his fathers footsteps and Baker knows the new Link-Belt will serve the family- owned business for a long time to come. Baker is quick to point out his obvious appreciation to the companys customer basesome of whom he has worked with for 30 yearsin making all this pos- sible. Being committed to those you serve and investing wisely are tried-and-tested business strategies just like finding a need and filling it. With a highly-productive Link-Belt crane and dependable support from Columbus Equipment Bakers investment in the ATC-3210 looks promising for years to come. I really like Link-Belt machines. They are dependable machines. We dont have issues with them. Jeff Baker Owner Bakers Welding Crane Service Dealer support is important for someone as small as we are and the service we get from Columbus Equipment is unbelievable. They are outstanding every day. Jeff Baker Owner Bakers Welding Crane Service 5 CUSTOMER SPOTLIGHT MMeldrum Mechanical Services Inc. offers 247365 service to its customers often stepping into emergency large- scale industrial service or repair situations. The need to be on the move at short notice was the reason owner Brent Meldrum purchased a Link-Belt HTC-86100 truck- mounted crane from Columbus Equipment Company in late 2014. We use a crane to supplement our own work. We do a lot of emergency work and we like the convenience of getting where we need to be very quickly Meldrum said. With the truck crane a crew from Meldrum Mechanical can drive right to the job site and be ready to go instead of waiting to find a trucking company that can move a crane on short notice. In just a few months the Link-Belt has been used on a variety of projects from helping retrofit a roller coaster at Cedar Point to rebuilding a gyratory rock crusher. The crusher had a mantle that weighed more than 50000 pounds plus several other heavy bulky parts and Meldrum crews were able to remove them all through the roof thanks to the HTC-86100. The crane has also been used for bucket elevator jobs and even on another crane. Every day is different for us Meldrum said. The Toledo-based company offers customized millwright services repairs and installations and has a machine shop and fabrication shop. Reverse engineering and replicating pieces for outdated equipment is a specialty. One day the company might be working on chutes or hoppers another day installing a safety catwalk. The company has been in business since 2001 and operates mostly around northwest Ohio. Meldrums father and uncle ran a similar business and he took over an established customer base when their business was dissolved. One Meldrum Mechanical customer all Ohioans are familiar with is the Cedar Point amusement park in Sandusky. In spring 2015 Meldrum crews and the 100-ton Link-Belt helped the park transform the former Mantis roller coaster into the new werewolf-themed Rougarou ride. Meldrums employees worked with the ride representative and assisted in installing new parts and making the modi- fications necessary for the new style of floorless carts being used on the rebranded roller coaster. The company is also on call during Cedar Points season to make any emergency repairs and to support the parks maintenance crews in keeping the rides running. The company has replaced cracked sprockets on rides modified gearboxes and otherwise made magic hap- Meldrum Mechanical Services Inc. GOES LINK-BELT LEAVES SCARY-RIDE EXPERIENCES TO CEDAR POINT Meldrum Mechanical Services Inc. offers 247365 service to its customers often stepping into emergency large-scale industrial service or repair situations. 7 Cedar Points Rougarou is a star attraction of the 2015 season. pen at Cedar Point noted Luke Matheson Meldrums Columbus Equipment sales rep. We are very excited that Meldrum Mechanical made the decision to buy the 100-ton truck crane said Bob Weber head of Columbus Equipments lifting division. The customer was able to visit the Link-Belt factory in Lexington where we went over the product thoroughly. Salesman Luke Matheson worked hard with the customer to make sure we provided all the information and compari- sons with competitors. Brent and his son Dustin went to great lengths as they considered the best purchase for them and we were pleased they made the decision to buy the Link-Belt. Before buying the HTC-86100 Meldrum owned a Link-Belt RTC-8050 rough terrain crane purchased from Columbus Equipment about three years ago. The rough terrain crane was able to go just about anywhere which was very useful because some of the locations we go to are not the best environments including very muddy areas Meldrum said. However he decided a bigger truck crane would allow the company to take on larger more diverse projects so he traded the 50-ton RTC for the new 100-ton Link-Belt. This was a big step for Meldrum as it was the largest new crane they had ever purchased. Their workload was such that they felt the need to step into a larger crane especially a truck crane Weber noted. This truck-mounted 100-ton crane is the largest you can run easily in Ohio Matheson added. Its the best bang for the buck for a truck crane. We enjoy working with Columbus Equipment and had very good support for the RTC Meldrum said. They are very responsive if we have any questions about crane operations. With the new crane under warranty we have utilized them a few times and they have been very supportive. With its focus on providing emergency repairs having good dealer support for its crane was a key consideration for Meldrum Mechanical. At one point the company owned a large truck crane made in Germany. Getting parts was difficult and there was no dealer support. By purchasing a Link-Belt we eliminated those problems Meldrum noted. Columbus Equipment has a long history of servicing cranes and any parts that are not in stock can be delivered from the factory in Kentucky in a day. For a company thats on call 247365 having dependable equipment and dependable dealer support is a necessity. Columbus Equipment Company and Link-Belt are proud to meet that standard. Brent and his son Dustin went to great lengths as they considered the best purchase for them and we were pleased they made the decision to buy the Link-Belt. Bob Weber Head of Lifting Division Columbus Equipment Company 8 Link-Belt Pulse operating system 33D Lift Plan is a web-based tool that allows users of Link-Belt cranes to develop a 3-dimensional simulation of any lift they plan to do from choosing the most economical crane to figuring out where everyone should be on the jobsite during the lift. The program allows users to create a very detailed lift plan without the need to use CAD programs noted Tawnia Weiss president of A1A Software which developed the program. Link-Belt partnered with A1A Software. One of the manufacturers stipulations was that the program be web-based so users dont need to install or update software. With 3D Lift Plan users are able to find the best crane for the lift sizing the crane they need more accurately. They can figure out ground-bearing pressure in accordance with new OSHA regulations and they can run simulations of lifts to check capacity during the lift and find the best location to avoid obstructions. Users can also test out rigging configura- tions and print 3-D renderings of the lift from any angle. The program doubles as a sales tool for crane service companies and contractors because the 3-D simulation helps customers visualize exactly what will happen dur- ing the pick better than any two-dimensional plan. The better simulation makes customers more comfortable in selecting a company for the lift Weiss said. Link-Belt users can sign up for a standard account at for free or follow the link from the Link-Belt Preferred website and they have free access to use all Link-Belt cranes in their 3-D models. Users may upgrade their account to access features such as importing Google Earth maps importing CAD plans and using vari- ous rigging tests. Users can also upgrade to access a library of hundreds of cranes from dozens of manufacturers. Free hour-long training sessions are available online on Tuesdays and Wednesdays to help beginners learn the program and more advanced classes are available. Weiss recently conducted an onsite training session for Columbus Equipment Company customers and staff. 3D Lift Plan is a great tool that Link-Belt provides to all their owners said Bob Weber head of Columbus Equipments Lifting Division. This resource looks like it will be very helpful said Brent Meldrum owner of Meldrum Mechanical Services Inc. who attended the 3D Lift Plan training at Columbus Equipment Company. Some of our job sites require a lift plan and I can see where showing the 3D simulation could be the difference you need in landing a quoted project. A1A Softwares 3D Lift Plan THE LIFTING PROFESSIONALS BEST FRIEND 9 PRODUCT SUPPORT CColumbus Equipment Company has appointed Chuck Amnah as product support specialist for the Lifting Division. In his new role Amnah will serve as the point man for crane users giving them a dedicated person to call when they have questions about or any issues with their crane. Customers will benefit because they will now have access to a highly-qualified individual who is focused on crane support including technical issues and specifications said Bob Weber vice president of product support. When a customer operator or technician runs into a problem they are free to call Chuck to help solve the problem. Additionally Amnah will be available to perform demon- strations and explain new technology to customers. With Amnah as the product support specialist for cranes Columbus Equipment has established a clear line of communication for manufacturers service and technical departments to disseminate information to the company and its customers. When they know to go through Chuck it helps us to get answers to customers and solve their prob- lemsmore quickly Weber noted. We believe creating this position further reiterates the level of dedication and commitment to supporting our crane customers Weber said. Chuck is well suited for this role because he is highly knowledgeable. He has a lot of experience working on cranes is very patient and very dedicated. Amnah has been with Columbus Equipment Company for more than 25 years. He started as a technician con- centrating on cranes. He later began working on pavers and also serves as the companys product support specialist for pavers. That experience makes Chuck a very unique individual with a wealth of specialized knowledge Weber commented. Columbus Equipment has added the role of product support specialist for various kinds of equipment because of advances in technology and the increasing number of lines the company represents. As equipment has become very sophisticated over the years we have found it helps to have our support personnel focus on specific areas Weber said. Some of our product specialists become as knowledgeable as the factory representatives. They network with others who specialize in the same area of expertise. Those connections help them to find answers to difficult problems resulting in more efficient and more effective service for customers. Chuck Amnah is available to answer your crane or paving questions at 614 264-2137. Lifting Division Adds Product Support Specialist RAISES BAR ON CRANE CUSTOMER SUPPORT Customers will benefit because they will now have access to a highly-qualified individual who is focused on crane support including technical issues and specifications. Bob Weber Vice President of Product Support Columbus Equipment Company 10 PRODUCT SUPPORT LET LINK-BELT LIFT THE LOAD PRODUCT LINE Rough Terrain Cranes Models Capacity US t mt Boom Type Length ft m Maximum Tip Height ft m Base Machine Weight w Std. Ctwt. lb kg RTC-8050 Series II 50 50 4-Section 35.5 - 110 10.8 - 33.5 168 51.2 73899 33520 RTC-8065 Series II 65 60 4-Section 38 - 115 11.6 - 35.0 211.6 64.5 84967 38540 RTC-8090 Series II 90 80 5-Section 38 - 140 11.6 - 42.7 238 72.5 99930 45327 RTC-80110 Series II 110 100 5-Section 40 - 150 12.2 - 45.7 250 76.2 129442 58714 RTC-80130 Series II 130 120 5-Section 41.4 - 162 12.6 - 49.3 278 84.7 131663 59721 RTC-80150 Series II 150 135 6-Section 42.3 - 195.3 12.9 - 59.5 311 94.8 143200 64954 Telescopic Truck Cranes Models Capacity US t mt Boom Type Length ft m Maximum Tip Height ft m Base Machine Weight w Std. Ctwt. lb kg HTC-8660 Series II 60 50 4-Section 35.5 - 110 10.8 - 33.5 167 50.9 72493 32883 HTC-8675 Series II 75 70 4-Section 41 - 127 12.5 - 38.7 230 70.2 85451 38760 HTC-86100 100 85 5-Section 38 - 140 11.6 - 42.7 237 72.2 90572 41083 HTC-3140 LB 140 120 6-Section 42.3 - 195.3 12.9 - 59.5 311 94.8 126618 57433 All Terrain Cranes Models Capacity US t mt Boom Type Length ft m Maximum Tip Height ft m Base Machine Weight w Std. Ctwt. lb kg ATC-3210 210 185 6-Section 44.3 - 200.1 13.5 - 61 326.7 99.6 158585 71933 ATC-3275 275 250 7-Section 350 106.7 169792 77016 Lattice Crawler Cranes Models Capacity US t mt Crane Operating Weight lb kg Boom Type Length ft m Maximum Boom Jib Combinations ft m 138 HSL 80 73 145403 65954 Tube 40 - 200 12.19 - 60.96 180 60 54.86 18.29 146743 66561 Angle 40 - 160 12.19 - 45.72 150 60 45.72 18.29 218 HSL 110 100 190058 86209 Tube 40 - 230 12.19 - 70.10 200 75 60.96 22.86 Angle 45 - 155 13.71 - 47.24 - 238 HSL 150 137 262677 119148 Tube 50 - 260 15.24 - 79.25 230 80 70.10 24.38 248 HSL 200 182 270130 122529 Tube 55 - 285 16.76 - 86.86 245 100 74.68 30.48 298 HSL 250 227 390069 176935 Tube 60 - 300 18.29 - 91.44 270 90 82.30 27.43 348 H5 300 273 505688 229376 Tube 70 - 300 21.3 - 91.4 240 140 73.15 42.7 Long Range 85 - 355 25.01 - 108.2 295 140 89.9 42.6 Telescopic Crawler Cranes Models Capacity US t mt Boom Type Length ft m Height Width Length ft m Op. Weight lb kg TCC-500 50 51 4-Section 35.6 - 110 10.8 - 33.8 H 9.11 3.01 W 11.5 3.49 L 45.5 13.9 99750 45246 TCC-750 75 70 4-Section 38.6 - 115.6 11.8 - 35.2 H 10.4 3.17 W 11.4 3.48 L 47.9 14.35 145000 65770 TCC-1100 110 100 5-Section 40 - 150 12.2 - 45.7 H 11.8 3.60 W 11.9 3.62 L 48.6 14.81 221500 100471 2015 Mediaworks Marketing Inc.2323 Performance Way Columbus OH 43207 Presort Std US Postage PAID Mediaworks Marketing Inc. 43214 Ohios Authorized Link-Belt Dealer TOLEDO RICHFIELD CANTON CADIZ PIKETON DAYTON CINCINNATI COLUMBUS CORPORATE OFFICE C O L U M B U S 614 443-6541 T O L E D O 419 872-7101 C I N C I N N A T I 513 771-3922 R I C H F I E L D 330 659-6681 Z A N E S V I L L E 740 455-4036 P A I N E S V I L L E 440 352-0452 P I K E T O N 740 289-3757 Statewide Coverage From The Following Locations PAINESVILLE Ohios Dependable Dealer ZANESVILLE C A D I Z 740 942-8871 D A Y T O N 937 879-3154 C A N T O N 330 453-4521