Where Profitability and Sustainability Meet™ Ohio’s Dependable Dealer The CMI C175 Twister II is the choice mulcher for forestry and oil and gas applications, thanks to its “proven reliability, even in the middle of nowhere,” according to Steeve Charest, territory manager for CMI. CMI’s purpose-built mulchers are lighter than com- peting models—so they are easily transportable—yet they offer more power. The C175, for example, is the only the machine of its size and weight that provides 175 horsepower, thanks to a 4.5-liter John Deere engine. The machine weighs in at 16,500 lbs., versus over 20,000 lbs. for competitors. The machine has excellent tractive power for hills or rough terrain. “The C175 is virtually unstoppable for climbing steep hills,” Charest noted. CMI has the best hydraulics in the business, added Jesse Garber, sales representative with Columbus Equipment Company’s Environmental Division. “The hydraulics offer simplicity, integrity, and longevity. They don’t overheat and they don’t get contaminated.” The C175 can be outfitted with a 76-inch FAE mulching head, while competing machines can only handle a 69-inch head. The roomy, comfortable operator’s cabin is pressurized and filtered to keep out dust and other contaminants. “The only dust that comes into the cab is from your boots,” Charest said. For safety and visibility, the cab features a full-size access door on one side and an emergency door on the other. CMI’s entire product line—including the 275-hp C250, 450-hp C450 and 557-hp C550—has the same lighter and more powerful design the C175 has. Despite their compact exteriors, all CMI machines provide easy access to components and more room for servicing and cleaning than competitive models. For more details on how a CMI mulcher can step up your land-clearing project capabilities to the next level, contact the Environmental Division’s Jesse Garber at (937) 239-7180 today. “Proven reliability, even in the middle of nowhere.” Steeve Charest; Territory Manager, CMI CMI C175 Twister II Crawler Mulcher: SETTING THE LAND-CLEARING STANDARD “The C175 is virtually unstoppable for climbing steep hills.” Steeve Charest; Territory Manager, CMI