Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6 Page 7 Page Ohio’s Dependable Dealer Joe Orwick is a former beer salesman who got into the tree business by happenstance. In the early 1990s, he purchased a wooded lot where he planned to build a home, and he had a logger buddy clear the land. “He left a mess,” Orwick recalled, “and when I started cleaning it up, I thought this was something I could do as a side business.” For the first three years Orwick Tree Service was in business, Orwick trucked all the brush to a recycling center, so getting a chipper was a big deal for him. He purchased his first chipper in 1994, then switched to Morbark Tree Care Products (TCPs) in 1998. “I’ve been with Morbark ever since. It’s a very well made machine.” He has owned six Morbark chippers over the years, as his company has shifted focus from land clearing to residential and light commercial tree service around Canton. He sells the chips to a local mulch processor. Orwick’s most recent Morbark TCP purchase from Columbus Equipment Company was a M18R-DW, a dual-wheeled 18-inch chipper. He liked the dual-tire model because it provides better flotation in residential yards. He went with the winch option, so it’s easy to get felled trees to the chipper. “The winch has a 100-foot cable, and you can pull a pretty good-sized tree with it. It’s also very fast for what it does.” Orwick also owns a Morbark 2400XL chipper with a grapple, a tandem-axle unit that he purchased in 2005 when he was doing more land clearing. “It’s a great machine, but I wanted the lighter machine for residential work.” “In fact, I bought the first grapple chipper Morbark ever built,” Orwick said. “I wanted a grapple chipper. Vermeer had one, and I asked Morbark why they didn’t make one. I went up to the shop, and they made it the way I wanted it.” Having experienced that kind of personal attention, Orwick knows Morbark and Columbus Equipment Company will solve any problems he might have. “In fact, I bought the first grapple chipper Morbark ever built. I went up to the shop, and they made it the way I wanted it.” Joe Orwick; Owner, Orwick Tree Service Orwick Tree Service: MORBARK TCP-POWERED SINCE 1998 Joe Orwick has been in the tree care business over 25 years, and employs specialized equipment to get the job done. Orwick runs a healthy, multi-month backlog and relies upon one brand to keep the chips flying … Morbark. Nathan Barringer and an Orwick Tree Service crew employ a Morbark M18R-DW to process material at Glenwood Townhomes on 44th Street NW in Canton, Ohio.