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Expertise and specialized equipment are non-negotiables in the right-of-way land-clearing business. HSM Services Inc.see here on a Beaver Falls PA projectoffer clients both. The companys Komatsu PC290LC-10Rotobec 360-degree rotating grapple with hot saw combination is a model in versatilityclearing land feeding grinders loading logs and as seen here building bridges. HSM Services Inc. CHIPPING GRINDING AND GROWING AT A FURIOUS RATE The Rotobec 360-degree rotating grapple and saw com- bination increases the versatility of a Komatsu excavator and turns it into the most efficient tool for clearing land feeding a grinder or loading a truck with logs. The rotating grapple allows an operator to orient the load properly without having to move the carriers tracks increasing productivity and reducing wear on the machine noted Marc Baillargeon director of sales for Rotobec. This is particularly useful in situations ranging from clearing land for pipelines to handling mats to build roads or bridges. Adding a Rotobec grapple saw to the rotating grapple attachment further increases productivity. There is no need for the operator to set aside logs that are too long so he can process them later he can cut them while loading the grinder or truck. The operator can also trim trees during land clearing. The grapple saw eliminates the need for a worker to be stationed on the ground to use a chainsaw manually. Columbus Equipment Company has outfitted two Komatsu PC290LC-10 excavators with the rotating grapple and saw combination for use on pipeline work said Tim Smith Environmental Division sales manager. Rotobec gives our contractors an advantage in versatility and production because of the functionality of the grapple and saw combination he said. The rotating grapple with a bar saw attached allows contractors to process the wood before chipping or grinding it on the jobsite. The PC290s outfitted with single grousers are also available for rental. Columbus Equipment has installed many Rotobec power attachments and its technicians are highly skilled Baillargeon said. Columbus Equipments technicians will install the attachments and adjust the flows and pressures so that the user gets the optimal performance out of the machine. Having a good dealer like Columbus Equipment handle the installation makes all the difference. Rotobec makes attachments in a variety of sizes and can provide combinations that will work for any size excavator. Contact your Columbus Equipment Environmental Division sales representative for more details on how this configuration could improve the productivity of your land-clearing waste-handling or logging operation. Columbus Equipments technicians will install the attachments and adjust the flows and pressures so that the user gets the optimal performance out of the machine. Having a good dealer like Columbus Equipment handle the installation makes all the difference. Marc Baillargeon Director of Sales Rotobec KomatsuRotobec Combination UNIQUE LAND CLEARING VERSATILITYOhios Dependable Dealer Where Profitability and Sustainability Meet Conveyor Belt Maintenance SIMPLE MEASURES REDUCE COST AND DOWNTIMEOhios Dependable Dealer A damaged belt can also result in serious lost time we recently replaced a belt on a machine that had to be disassembled with a crane before we could reach the belt so repairs took four days. Jason Woods Field Service Technician Columbus Equipment Company Conveyor belts are a common component on many brandsMorbark McCloskey and Komptechof environmental equipment and keeping the belt in good working order is critical. On some machines a replacement belt can cost several thousand dollars in addition to the cost of downtime. A damaged belt can result in serious lost time said Columbus Equipment Company Field Service Technician Jason Woods. For instance we recent- ly replaced a belt on a machine that had to be disassembled with a crane before we could reach the belt so repairs took four days. Belt maintenance begins with a daily walk-around inspection. The opera- tor should check the belt and guide rollers making sure the belt is on track. Allowing the belt to rub against any part of the railing can result in damage to the belt. The operator should also check that the pulley and the belt are free of any rocks or debris. The lacing where the ends of the belt are joined is another potential stress area that warrants daily inspection. One common kind of lacing uses metal hinges with a pin. The metal can wear to the point that it will pull apart. Such lacing should be replaced before it separates and damages the belt Woods advised. During the daily inspection the operator should also pay attention to the skirting along the edges of the conveyor belt. The skirting needs to be adjusted properly to guide product toward the center of the belt. Often the skirting is held in place by bolts and adjusting it simply requires the operator to loosen the bolt slide the skirting into place and tighten the bolt again. The material moving along the belt will have an impact on belt wear. Gravel for example causes wear faster than mulch. However no matter what product the belt is carrying daily inspections and adjustments guarantee extended conveyor belt life and minimize repair costs and downtime. If you have any questions or concerns about your conveyor belt or equipment generally contact your local branch or Environmental Product Support Specialist Dean Hatem today at 614 264-5025. Officials at HSM Services Inc. have seen efficiency and production increase dramatically since they began using equipment recommended by Columbus Equipment Companys Environmental Division. We owe a lot of our success to the guys at Columbus Equipment and their equipment said Richard Moorhead owner. HSM which is based in Greenwood Mississippi entered the Ohio market about three years ago. HSM works mostly for the oil and gas industry clearing pipeline right-of-ways and doing erosion control and reclamation projects in Ohio Pennsylvania and West Virginia. The purpose-built CMI mulchers were game changers for us said Matt Monza general superintendent for HSM. The company had tried mulching machines before but most simply werent reliable. The CMI 450 made us rethink and change the way we clear land. Instead of grinding everything with a horizontal grinder crews can drive the CMI 450 and mulch as they go. It is so easy to get around has great driveability and is phenomenal on hills Monza said. Recently HSM also began using the smaller CMI 250 outfitted with a stump-grinding head. Crews previously grubbed stumps but the stump grinder has been much more efficient Monza said. We can stump as much HSM Services Inc. CHIPPING GRINDING ANDOhios Dependable Dealer HSM works mostly for the oil and gas industry clearing pipeline right-of-ways and doing erosion control and reclamation projects in Ohio Pennsylvania and West Virginia. A Valmet Komatsu Forest 430FXL burns a 75-foot wide right-of-way swathe across steep wooded Marcellus Shale terrain. The 10000-foot three-phase Blackhawk Project will tie in PGC and Hodgdon Well Connects. HSM Project Manager Mike Scahel left and Clearing Foreman Ian Shaw Where Profitability and Sustainability Meet with the one CMI as we did with two backhoes and a horizontal grinder. The savings are substantial he explained. A horizontal grinder costs two times as much and burns 40 gallons of fuel an hour instead of seven gallons for the CMI. Plus with the grinder we needed two excavators and double the labor so we had three engines running instead of one. It is definitely more efficient to stump with the small stumper. The CMI 250 with stumper head is also small enough to fit into tight spaces and it does not require an oversize permit. Another game changer for HSM has been a Komatsu PC290 excavator equipped with a Rotobec 360 rotating grapple and saw package. This setup has a bucksaw that eliminates the need for a timberhand to cut the branches off felled trees and cut trees into 10-foot lengths. All our grapples were fixed and we had to spin every- thing on the ground relaying the brush to another machine to get the piles stacked neatly. With the Rotobec grapple we have 360-degree rotation Monza said. The operator can maneuver logs into the grinder easily even if they are not stacked in perfect alignment. That has increased efficiency by about 30 percent he noted. And because the operator has better control of what hes putting in the chipper damage to machinery has been reduced. HSM also depends on Morbark chippers and grinders from Columbus Equipment. The company owns a 4036 Track Drum Chipper that is so efficient it chips faster than we can clear Monza said. Before purchasing this chipper we had to have an operator on a chipper all day every day to keep up. The company has a Morbark 3800XL Wood Hog that is extremely reliable very efficient and produces a good product. HSM also rents equipment from Columbus Equipment. Land clearing jobs often come up at the last minute Monza said but Columbus Equipment has always come through. We can call the Environmental Division at 8 p.m. on a Friday and they have the equipment for us the next day. The service department is fast and efficient he added. Downtime is a major killer for us but if we go down Columbus Equipment gets us up right away. Columbus Equipment has been a great fit for us. Everyone is very professional. Its been a very good partner organization Moorhead said. Monza agreed. Columbus Equipment is extremely helpful. They have really helped us build our company into what it is today. The purpose-built CMI mulchers were game changers for us. Matt Monza General Superintendent HSM Services Inc. D GROWING AT A FURIOUS RATE HSM General Superintendent Matt Monza pictured with the companys Morbark 4036 Track Drum Chipper and CMI C450 mulcher. Right CMI Hurricane C250 mulcher with stump grinding head. Morbarks Tree Care Products TCP are designed for tree services landscapers and other contractors involved in the disposal of damaged or unwanted trees and stumps. Morbark brush chippers and stump grinders allow con- tractors to minimize the volume of felled trees branches or stumps and reduce waste-removal transportation costs. With a range 10 brush chippers and four stump grinders the Morbark lineup has the right equipment for everyone from rental houses to pipeline or utility companies clearing rights of way. Contractors can also convert woody waste into sale- ableuseable mulch product with this line of Morbark products. Morbarks Beever brush chippers come in a range of configurations allowing customers to customize the right machine to their needs. Choices include drum or disc electric or diesel and track or tire versions. Morbark chippers are known for aggressive performance durability and high resale value. Popular chipper models include M12R and M15R Available in wheel or track models these compact chippers are easy to maneuver and sized for utility line clearing and residential tree services. Morbarks patented chambered-air impeller system increase chip- throwing velocity to pack more into the chip truck. M18R and M18RX With 18-inch chipping capacity these machines are designed for high-production work such as land clearing residential tree services and municipalities. The M18RX is a compact version that weighs less than 10000 pounds eliminating the need for additional transport licensing. The M18R can be outfitted with a four- or six-cylinder diesel engine and choice of axle configurations. Morbark has also improved safety for chipper operators with the patented ChipSafe Operator Safety Shield which employs sensors to stop the feeding mechanism if the operators hands or feet get too close. The system is an option on new Morbark chippers. Morbark stump grinders are known for their durability with a life expectancy thats 60 percent higher than competitive brands. Stump grinders are available in 4x2 4x4 and track configurations so there is a machine for every type of terrain. Power ranges from 27 to 99 horsepower. All grinders feature long-boom technology making it easier to reach stumps. Contact your Environmental Division sales rep today for more information about Morbarks Tree Care Product line. Morbark stump grinders are known for their durability with a life expectancy thats 60 percent higher than competitive brands. Morbarks Tree Care Product Line THE COMPLETE SOLUTION TO WOODY WASTE DISPOSALOhios Dependable Dealer New and Previously-Owned Late-Model EQUIPMENT FOR SALE AND RENT 2005 Timberpro TF830 Forwarder Great for crane mats. Comes with bar saw attachment for grapple bulk head and bolsters tire chains. Approx. 6500 hours. 235000 New 2012 Komptech L3 Three-fraction Starscreen for high- production mulch and compost screening. Complete with wind sitter for plastic contamination removal. CALL FOR PRICE New 2012 McClosky R155 Apron plate feeder. Heavy-duty direct load 5 x 16 two-deck High Energy Screener CAT 129-hp diesel perfect for crushing applications and scalping larger stone or CD. CALL FOR PRICE 2015 CMI 450C Forestry Mulcher 450-hp CAT engine CAT D5H high-drive style undercarriage 96 FAE C-type mulching head. CALL FOR PRICE 2015 Morbark 4036 NCL Track Drum Chipper CAT 765-hp PT Tech clutch CAT 320 undercarriage with 600mm single grousers and rock guards lights and air compressor. If Chuck Norris owned a chipper this is what hed have CALL FOR PRICE 2014 CMI C400L Forestry Mulcher 400-hp Deere engine Berco high-drive style undercarriage 91 FAE C-type mulching head. CMI C250 pictured above. CALL FOR PRICE 2009 Powerscreen Warrior 1800 1325 hours 5 x 16 two-deck screen box one owner nice machine 189000 2011 Morbark 3800 SN 189-1104 approx. 713 hrs 700-hp CAT PT Tech clutch MICS control system magnet remote Brunel torque limiter. 449000 2009 Valmet 430 FXL Quadco 22B hotsaw leveler new undercarriage with only 4000 hours 285000 2015 CMI C250 Forestry Mulcher 275-hp Deere engine Berco undercarriage 89 FAE C-type mulching head. CALL FOR PRICE New 2013 McCloskey 628RE Series 2 174-hp Tier III C6.6 CAT diesel engine 6 x 28 Trommel 5.5 cu. yd. capacity feed hopper 57000lb no special permits required. CALL FOR PRICE 2014 Barko 240 Feller buncher with Quadco 18 or 21 Hotsaw 360 Rotation single grousers easy-to-transport at 54000 lbs. CALL FOR PRICE 2012 Morbark 3800XL SN 191-1034 approx. 581 hrs. CAT C27 800-hp diesel PT Tech clutch MICS control system magnet remote Brunel torque limiter Poclain infeed drive variable-speed discharge. 549000 New 2014 McCloskey S190 Triple deck screener 5 x 20 screen box track undercarriage remote CAT 129-hp diesel approx. 215 hours. CALL FOR PRICE New 2015 McCloskey 36x80ST Radial stacking conveyor 49-hp Kubota diesel hydraulic top fold axle jacks landing gear remote grease lines and pivot plate tow package. 69900 New 2015 Eagle 1200-25CC 3-stage Ultramax UM25 rotor with lifetime warranty 450-hp John Deere engine 175KW generator service plat- form magnet Diester 5x16 two-deck screen box. Ready to crush CALL FOR PRICE Call Tim Smith at 330 350-6860 or your local Columbus Equipment representative for complete listing information today Where Profitability and Sustainability Meet 2015 Mediaworks Marketing Inc. 2323 Performance Way Columbus OH 43207 Presort Std US Postage PAID Mediaworks Marketing Inc. 43214 Ohios Dependable Dealer C O L U M B U S 614 443-6541 R I C H F I E L D 330 659-6681 T O L E D O 419 872-7101 C A D I Z 740 942-8871 C I N C I N N A T I 513 771-3922 D A Y T O N 937 879-3154 C A N T O N 330 453-4521 Z A N E S V I L L E 740 455-4036 P A I N E S V I L L E 440 352-0452 P I K E T O N 740 289-3757 Territory-Wide Coverage From The Following Locations ENVIRONMENTAL DIVISION TOLEDO RICHFIELD CANTON CADIZ PIKETON DAYTON CINCINNATI COLUMBUS CORPORATE OFFICE ZANESVILLE PAINESVILLE