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Where Profitability and Sustainability Meet equipment needed. A lot of other places are only able to provide one piece. Draper understands the hills slow production but has been impressed at how well the equipment works in tough conditions. The CMI 400 and 450 handle the slopes extremely well. They stay on the kind of pro- duction we anticipate and in some areas even exceed it he said. Looking at how well the CMI mulchers have performed on the most difficult areas I am certain these machines will greatly exceed expectations for production on flatter terrain or rolling hills. The Komatsu PC290 constantly amazes our oper- ators with its stability on the slopes Draper said. The Rotobec grapplesaw is perfectly matched with the excavator is well-balanced and does a tremendous job in supporting the track chipper. The Morbark chipper is like a mountain goatit just keeps climbing. On steep slopes we slow the Morbarks feed system to prevent clogging the chute when it has to blow the chips up the hill. When we dont have to fight gravity the production on that machine goes up as well Draper said. Even in difficult terrain the Bob Ray crews clear six to ten acres a week. The Komatsu XT445L-3 feller buncher has a terrain- leveling undercarriage and it too exceeds expectations. It has a Quadco 2900 intermittent saw with 360 rotation and our operators are amazed at what it can do to safely cut trees and get them to the ground he said. As part of the rental package Columbus Equipment also sends field technician Aaron Dunham out to service the equipment regularly. Aaron really knows the equipment we have out here. When he sees a problem he knows how to diagnose it and get it up and running as quickly as we can hope for. I have been extremely pleased by his work ethic and his knowledge Draper said. Louisville-based Bob Ray Company began as a tree service company and has expanded to include a com- pany that recycles tree products into mulch and topsoil as well as the land-clearing division. Land clearing projects range from small residential lots to major pipe- line and utility work. Outfitted with specialized state-of-the-art equipment the Bob Ray Company is able to safely and efficiently maintain and improve infrastructure sometimes completed over half a century ago. The Komatsu PC290 constantly amazes our operators with its stability on the slopes. It does a tremendous job in supporting the track chipper. Jamie Draper Project Manager Bob Ray Company E LAND-CLEARING FRONTIER