Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6 Page 7 Page Steve Leibering, who runs the logging and chipping operations for Leibering and Sons Inc. in Lamar, Indiana, doesn’t buy that “never say never” advice. He’s happy to declare that “since getting a Barko knuckleboom loader mounted on tracks, we would never go back to having a loader feeding a chipper that wasn’t mobile.” Leibering purchased the Barko 495 ML Magnum loader through Columbus Equipment Company about 16 months ago. In addition to having the loader mounted on tracks, he had it equipped with a live heel, a Rotobec grapple saw, a ground saw and a ground delimber. Before getting the Barko, the company used a Cat trailer-mounted loader “that had to be towed, and sometimes towed and pushed,” he said. “It took a large grapple skidder and also a dozer or skid steer to push it if ground conditions were wet. It was a two- to three-man operation instead of the operator being able to move at will. The efficiency and safety the Barko provides is well worth the investment in a track system.” The Barko is used in both logging and chipping operations, and the tracks provide the flexibility to move it easily to feed the chipper or delimber, no matter the soil conditions. The Rotobec grapple saw is “the biggest asset on the machine,” Leibering added, because it can be used when breaking down trees to knock out crotches, trim off smaller branches that can’t go in the debarker, or to remove small logs that can be used for pallets before putting the tree in the chipper. The live heel allows the operator to pick up whole trees more quickly because the boom doesn’t have to be completely raised. The increased efficiency is hard to quantify, Leibering said, but he finds the Barko does more than save time. “There’s also less fatigue and aggravation. Leibering and Sons Inc. FORESTRY DNA RUNS Ohio’s Dependable Dealer The addition of a tracked Barko 495 ML Magnum to the Leibering and Sons operation has produced significant production and safety improvements. Most importantly, it allows the company to serve customers more efficiently, and effectively. “We would never go back to having a loader feeding a chipper that wasn’t mobile.” Steve Leibering; Owner, Leibering and Sons Inc.