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Tri-State Landscape Supply Owner Jason Brunk has tripled sales at the company over the past five years by ramping up fiber-procurement and upgrading to high-production Morbark equipment. He has also taken advantage of synergiesin both personnel and equipmentwith his earthmoving business Brunk Excavating. Tri-State Landscape Supply LLC GRINDS OUT IMPRESSIVE RESULTS WITH MORBARK EQUIPMENT To increase worker safety when using Beever brush chippers Morbark has developed a sensor system that automatically stops the chippers feed wheel if an operator puts his hands or feet too far into the chute. The patented ChipSafe Operator Safety Shield system is being offered as an option on new Morbark chippers. The ChipSafe system includes sensor plates mounted on the sides of the chippers infeed chute and wearable accessories the operator must have on his hands and ankles. The wearables include straps that can be used on the wrists and ankles and gloves that can be worn rather than wrist straps. When the ChipSafe gloves or straps enter the sensor zone the plates send a signal that stops the infeed mechanism so the operator avoids injury. To restart the infeed mechanism the operator swipes a gloved hand or wrist strap across the restart sensor mounted on the outside of the machine. The ChipSafe system utilizes rare earth magnets which create a magnetic field the sensor plates can detect. Morbark set the sensitivity level to minimize the number of nuisance trips that can inhibit productivity while still offering good protection for workers. Morbark has received several product of the year honors for this innovative safety system including awards from theAmerican Public Works Association Arbor Age and Rental Equipment Register. The system which requires the chipper have auto feed is available on new models M6R M8D M12D M12R M15RX M15R M18RX and M18R. Field kits are available to retrofit existing current- model Morbark chippers with a 6-inch to 18-inch capacity. The service or parts department will need the chippers serial number to verify the machine qualifies for a ChipSafe system. Before older Morbark models can be retrofitted with ChipSafe the factory must determine what additional mod- ifications are needed. ChipSafe is not currently available for installation on chippers made by other manufacturers. Contact your Environmental Division sales rep for more information on this important new safety innovation. Morbark has developed a sensor system that automatically stops the chippers feed wheel if an operator puts his hands or feet too far into the chute. Morbarks ChipSafe System INNOVATION DRIVES OPERATOR SAFETYOhios Dependable Dealer Where Profitability and Sustainability Meet CMI Develops Innovative HEAVY-DUTY STUMP GRINDING HEADOhios Dependable Dealer When CMI officials decided to create a stump grinding head for their mulching machine they consulted the expertscontractors who use stump grinders in the field. Those users told CMI they wanted a stump grinding head that was more rugged and robust and shared several problems they faced with other brands of stumping heads. CMIs solution is a stump grinder designed for longer life and lower ownerships costs. CMIs head has bigger bolts and uses the highest quality bearings biggest shaft and strongest chassis in the industry. To protect the bearings CMI uses a special seal that can stand up to barbed wire rather than the usual rubber seal. With competing heads customers reported that water and dust get in the bearing housing so we went to a special seal that cannot be destroyed said Steeve Charest territory manager for CMI. The grinder uses a bucktooth wheel made by Bucktooth Grinding Co. LLC of Ohio. The wheel was designed especially for CMI and has more teeth than other grinders have Charest said. Fewer teeth can cause hammering in the hydraulic system so this design helps the life of the hydraulic system and makes a smooth cut. The stump grinder attachment is available for the CMI 450 400L and 250. The wheel for the 450 is 38 inches compared to the 50-inch wheel competitors use so it has greater torque. On the 450 the attachment can reach 9 feet and grind 48 inches deep. This attachment lowers the overall cost of ownership said Bob Stewart Environmental Division sales rep. Everything is bigger thicker and heavier than any competitive product so it will last longer. There are replaceable wear liners in the grinding chamber long-lasting teeth and a heavy-duty drive belt. The hydraulic motor and valves are mounted on top of the stump grinder keeping them cleaner so they dont wear as quickly. Customers love the simplicity ease of maintenance and lower cost of ownership. Columbus Equipment Company customer HSM Services for example found using the stumper on a CMI 250 allowed them to cut labor in half and fuel costs by 75 percent compared to grubbing stumps with an excavator and horizontal grinder while clearing land in Ohio. The grinding attachment is an excellent example of CMI design Charest said. We like our stuff solid and simple. Columbus Equipment Company customer HSM Services for example found using the stumper on a CMI 250 allowed them to cut labor in half and fuel costs by 75 percent Jason Brunk and his father Dennis started Tri-State Landscape Supply LLC in 2005 as an adjunct business for their excavating company. Tri-State took topsoil from excavation sites processed it and sold it to landscapers and retailers. Five years later after Tri-State acquired a mulching operation sales really took offtripling in just a few years. Today Tri-State sells around 100000 cubic yards of mulch and 50000 cubic yards of soil annually within about 40 miles of Middletown reach- ing into Kentucky and Indiana. The company also sells aggregates soil amendments and decorative stones. Marketing enhanced delivery and the quality of the product all contributed to the threefold increase in sales said Brunk managing member of Tri-State Landscape. One of the things our customers really like is the consistency of our grind he added. Tri-State uses two Morbark grinders to ensure that consistent grind. As part of the mulch company acquisition Brunk got a Morbark 1300 Tub Grinder. Although it was manu- factured in 1997 and has nearly 12000 hours on it the 1300 continues to operate like a champ. Most days its in the yard where it is used to make double-processed mulch. Debris is broken down and sent through a 6-inch land-clearing screen then reground with a 2-inch screen. Tri-State also takes the tub grinder out to jobsites where it is used to grind stumps so crews dont have to break them down. It works great and thats why we still have it Brunk said. Sure we have some upkeep on a machine thats almost 20 years old but its normal wear-and-tear stuff. Tri-State Landscape Supply GRINDS OUT IMPRESSIVE ROhios Dependable Dealer Brunk got a Morbark 1300 Tub Grinder manufactured in 1997 and has nearly 12000 hours on it the 1300 continues to operate like a champ. Tri-State Landscape Supply LLC moves around 100000 cubic yards of mulch a year with the majority being sold between February and the end of June. The companys Morbark 3800XL Track Wood Hog Horizontal Grinder is key in meeting the 1800 cu. spring rush. Where Profitability and Sustainability Meet For most land-clearing projects Tri-State uses a Morbark 3800XL Wood Hog Horizontal Grinder which can handle whole trees and longer debris. The Morbark replaced a Vermeer 6000 that was never up to the job Brunk said. The Vermeer didnt do what we needed it to do. Worst of all the Vermeer pulled in debris too quickly and it got jammed on the discharge belt requiring workers to climb in and clean out debris. The difference between the Vermeer and the Morbark is like night and day Brunk said. Debris moves through smoothly with no jams. Its a bigger grinder with higher horsepower and we get way more production. With an initial grind Tri-State can get up to 350 cubic yards an hour regrinding with smaller screens results in production of 150 to 180 yards an hour. Brunk recently upgraded his wheeled 3800XL for a tracked model which he likes because it moves by remote control so you dont have to hook it to a semi. We just track it across the jobsite. Tri-State has been a customer of Columbus Equipment Company for several years and Brunk values the rela- tionship he has with the companys Environmental Division including sales representative Jesse Garber sales manager Tim Smith and product support specialist Dean Hatem. They understand our business. If its mulch-producing time and something goes down they jump through hoops to help us Brunk said. For example the 3800 went down about 630 one evening and by noon the next day Smith had a replacement machine onsite. Having that kind of a working relationship with a dealer is really helpful in our industry. In addition to the Morbark grinders Tri-State uses a McCloskey 621 Trommel screen and 80-foot stacking con- veyor from Columbus Equipment. The Trommel works very well whether used to screen topsoil or mulch Brunk said. It has the added convenience and productivity of being portable whereas the shaker-style screening machine he owns takes a whole day to move and set up. Tripling sales in five years is quite a feat. Quality and consistency of product are driving those sales and Tri- States investment in quality equipment is paying off. DID YOU KNOW Jason Brunk was the only kid in his high schooland possibly in any high schoolto own a backhoe. He was also probably the only classmate with a 30000 debt hanging over his head. Brunk bought the 1989 rubber-tire John Deere 310C backhoe in 1992 convincing a family friend to put the first payment on a credit card. That debt didnt worry him. I didnt have any credit so I didnt have anything to lose he says. Convincing customers to hire a 16-year-old backhoe owneroper- ator was difficult he admits. A family friend with a concrete company hired him to do concrete tear-outs giving Jason his first paying job. He incorporated Brunk Excavating two years later and traded in the backhoe for a new one in 1995. The difference between the Vermeer and the Morbark is like night and day. Jason Brunk Owner Tri-State Landscape Supply LLC. LLC RESULTS WITH MORBARK EQUIPMENT Tri-State Landscapings 12000-hour 1997 Morbark 1300 Tub Grinderpictured with a McCloskey 36x80 stackeris still a mulch-mountain-making beast. Jason Brunk bottom right has tripled mulch and soil sales on the back of consistent high-quality product. New and Previously-Owned Late-Model EQUIPMENT FOR SALE AND RENT New 2012 Komptech L3 Three-fraction Starscreen for high- production mulch and compost screening. Complete with wind sitter for plastic contamination removal. CALL FOR PRICE 2015 CMI 450C Forestry Mulcher 450-hp CAT engine CAT D5H high-drive style undercarriage 96 FAE C-type mulching head. CALL FOR PRICE 2015 Morbark 4036 NCL Track Drum Chipper CAT 765-hp PT Tech clutch CAT 320 undercarriage with 600mm single grousers and rock guards lights and air compressor. If Chuck Norris owned a chipper this is what hed have CALL FOR PRICE 2014 Barko 240 Feller buncher with Quadco 18 or 21 Hotsaw 360 Rotation single grousers easy-to-transport at 54000 lbs. CALL FOR PRICE 2012 Morbark 3800XL SN 191-1034 approx. 581 hrs. CAT C27 800-hp diesel PT Tech clutch MICS control system magnet remote Brunel torque limiter Poclain infeed drive variable-speed discharge. SALE PENDING New 2015 McCloskey S190 Triple deck screener 5 x 20 screen box track undercarriage remote CAT 129-hp diesel approx. 215 hours. CALL FOR PRICE New 2015 McCloskey 36x80ST Radial stacking conveyor 49-hp Kubota diesel hydraulic top fold axle jacks landing gear remote grease lines and pivot plate tow package. 69900 New 2015 Eagle 1200-25CC 3-stage Ultramax UM25 rotor with lifetime warranty 450-hp John Deere engine 175KW generator service plat- form magnet Diester 5x16 two-deck screen box. Ready to crush CALL FOR PRICE Call Tim Smith at 330 350-6860 or your local Columbus Equipment representative for complete listing information today YEAR MAKE MODEL SERIAL DESCRIPTION HOURS PRICE 1999 Bandit 1900 1063 Tracked Disc Chipper with Loader One Owner - Nice 4988 179900 2014 Barko 240 23621 Tracked Feller Buncher wo Head - Add 82000 for 18 Head 1289 210300 2004 Precision Husky 2675 C3402XL8729 Rubber Tire Forestry Chipper 800HP CAT 3412 Diesel - 3-Knife Disc Chipper 1800 174900 1993 Master Skreen 202C1001 Trommel Screen 12 Mesh Drum - Soil Flail 1480 18500 1995 Morbark Model 22 1600 Rubber Tire 22 Forestry Chipper 3-Knife Disc Chipper 6700 114900 2009 Powerscreen Warrior 1800 WARRIOR 1800 Tracked 5x16 2 Deck Screen One Owner 1486 179000 2012 Morbark Quick Change Drum 3800 DRUM 12 Knife Chip Drum - fits 3800 NA 22850 2008 Morbark 3800 189-1022T Tracked Horizontal Grinder 630HP CAT 2709 345000 2013 Morbark 4600XL 188-1120E Electric Horizontal Grinder 1000 HP Electric - New Start Panel 1200 475000 1993 Morbark 1000 846-064 Rubber Tire Tub Grinder 300HP CAT 2700 25000 2012 Morbark 3800XL 191-1027 Rubber Tire Horizontal Grinder CAT C27 800HP 3370 429000 2007 Morbark Tornado 15 24608 Tree Care Chipper 140HP CAT 4460 12950 2005 Screen Machine Spyder 516T D516TSPYJD1724 Tracked 5x16 2-Deck Screen One Owner - Used To Screen Mulch 3714 149000 2009 Valmet 430FXL AT4K-3071 Tracked Feller Buncher New Undercarriage 4000 259000 2009 Komptech Terminator 5000S 181134 Tracked Slow Speed Shredder CAT Engine Warranty 82 475000 Where Profitability and Sustainability Meet 2015 Mediaworks Marketing Inc. 2323 Performance Way Columbus OH 43207 Presort Std US Postage PAID Mediaworks Marketing Inc. 43214 Ohios Dependable Dealer C O L U M B U S 614 443-6541 R I C H F I E L D 330 659-6681 T O L E D O 419 872-7101 C A D I Z 740 942-8871 C I N C I N N A T I 513 771-3922 D A Y T O N 937 879-3154 C A N T O N 330 453-4521 Z A N E S V I L L E 740 455-4036 P A I N E S V I L L E 440 352-0452 P I K E T O N 740 289-3757 Territory-Wide Coverage From The Following Locations ENVIRONMENTAL DIVISION TOLEDO RICHFIELD CANTON CADIZ PIKETON DAYTON CINCINNATI COLUMBUS CORPORATE OFFICE ZANESVILLE PAINESVILLE