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Winter 2016 Stan Sayre left grew up on a Pennsylvania farm and is a firm believer in self-reliance. Komatsu equipment has allowed Stan and his sonChuck back row third rightthe freedom to run their businesses the way they see fit. Pictured with Nick Frantz and Jeff Stefanak foreground left and right Joe Rogers and Gary Janson back row second left and right. Sayre ConstructionSayre Farms Sayre Helicopter DEDICATED PARTNERS ALLOW MANTUA FAMILY TO FOLLOW PASSIONS 2 A MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT The Products and The People To Serve You Josh Stivison C A D I Z 290 Old Steubenville Pike Cadiz OH 43907 740 942-8871 D A Y T O N 7570 New Carlisle Pike Dayton OH 45424 937 879-3154 M A S S I L L O N 2200 Venture Circle SE Massillon OH 44646 330 833-2420 Dear Valued Customer Stan and Chuck SayreColumbus Equipment Company customers for nearly 30 yearshave their hands full running a construction company helicopter crop spraying service and farming operation. The reliability of Komatsu equipment gives them one less thing to juggle. You can read about the Sayres and their unusual mix of services in this issue. They recently acquired a Komatsu D51i intelligent Machine Control dozer and Chuck Sayre finds the savings spread across the jobsite. From less time and labor to less fuel and wear on machinery the iMC dozer proves its value on every project. Visit page 16 to see why Chuck came to reflect I cant believe I waited this long to buy one. The owners of Town Country Paving had the same reaction after purchasing an Eagle Crusher E-Plant from our Environmental Division. In addition to lowering their costs by recycling asphalt the company is making money by efficiently crushing concrete and selling it as aggregate. Our new permanent branch location in Massillon is open to bet- ter serve customers in the Greater-Canton area. Well have a formal opening celebration this spring but in the meantime the staff would be happy to give you a tour of the new and improved facilities. As you enter the new year we wish you a busy and prosperous 2016. Columbus Equipment Company is here to help your reach those goals so please contact us if we can be of assistance. Sincerely Josh Stivison President Z A N E S V I L L E 818 Lee Street Zanesville OH 43701 740 455-4036 P A I N E S V I L L E 864 Richmond Road Painesville OH 44077 440 352-0452 P I K E T O N 3668 U.S. Route 23 South Piketon OH 45661 740 289-3757 C O L U M B U S 50 E. Kingston Avenue Columbus OH 43207 614 443-6541 T O L E D O 12500 Williams Road Perrysburg OH 43551 419 872-7101 C I N C I N N A T I 712 Shepherd Avenue Cincinnati OH 45215 513 771-3922 R I C H F I E L D 3942 Brecksville Road Richfield OH 44286 330 659-6681 IN THIS ISSUE CUSTOMER SPOTLIGHT SAYRE CONSTRUCTIONSAYRE FARMSSAYRE HELICOPTER Dedicated Partners Allow Mantua Family To Follow Passions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 PRODUCT NEWS NEW KOMATSU HM400-5 ARTICULATED DUMP TRUCK Power Performance and Productivity Ensured by Komatsu CARE. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 PRODUCT NEWS KOMATSU LAUNCHES D155AXI-8 CRAWLER DOZER Largest Semi-Automatic Dozer Yet. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT LINK-BELT 100RT ROUGH TERRAIN CRANE Link-Belt 100RT Adds Reach and Capacity To 4-Wheel Segment. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 LIFTING DIVISION NICOLOZAKES TRUCKING CONSTRUCTION INC. Honors a Family Legacy Inspired by The Great Depression. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 iMC PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT SAYRE CONSTRUCTION COMPANY Reaping iMC Benefits at Every intelligently-Guided Turn. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 PRODUCT SUPPORT TOWN COUNTRY PAVING Eagle Crusher Delivers Competitiveness and Secondary Revenue Streams . . . . . . . . . 18 COMPANY NEWS NEW MASSILLON BRANCH EXPANDS Greater-Canton Area Sales and Service Capabilities. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21 BRANCH NEWS ON THE MOVE... People and Products. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 USED EQUIPMENT SPECIALS Late-Model Used Equipment. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23 COLUMBUS EQUIPMENT COMPANY PERSONNEL COLUMBUS CORPORATE OFFICE RICHARD EARLY Chairman JOSH STIVISON President MIKE SARREY CFO ERNIE POTTER Vice President Rental TIM ALBRIGHT Vice President of Sales Marketing BOB WEBER Vice President of Product Support MARK KLATT General Parts Manager JASON CRAIN General Sales Manager RAY FRASE General Service Manager JEFF RICHARDS General Manager JEFF REICHERT Finance Manager CHAD RINK Human Resources JON ST. JULIAN Used Equipment Manager RICHARD YOUNG Used Equipment Sales TIM SMITH Environmental Division Sales Manager RON DUPEROW Environmental Sales BOB STEWART Environmental Sales JESSE GARBER Environmental Sales KYLE HOOD Product Support - Major Accounts JEFF BRACKETT Product Support Major Accounts MIKE MONTGOMERY Training Technical Mngr. KEITH PATTERSON Credit Manager KEN CARR Controller TOM BRASSER Sales Administration Manager COLUMBUS BRANCH JEFF MCVEY Branch Manager GENE WYER Service Manager JASON DEEDS Parts Manager STEVE SCOTT Machine Sales RICHARD DURST Machine Sales JEREMY WILLIAMS Machine Sales ROBERT REYNOLDS Compact Machine Sales ZACH OCONNOR Inside Sales JOHN EDWARDS Product Support TOLEDO BRANCH DAVID SARREY Branch Manager SPENCER WALL Rental Coordinator Prep-shop Foreman LUKE MATHESON Machine Sales TED MARSH Product Support - Major Accounts NEIL EHRHARDT Parts Manager CINCINNATI BRANCH JEFF MCVEY Branch Manager JEFF LOUDEN Service Manager AL SHEPHERD Parts Manager FRED WAHL Machine Sales ROGER REESE Machine Sales AARON HENSLER Compact Machine Sales RANDY CALHOUN Product Support - Major Accounts ART DAVIDSON Product Support RICHFIELD BRANCH JEFF BADNER Branch Manager PAM BADNER Service Manager JEFF THORNBURG Parts Manager DOUG DVORAK Machine Sales MIKE SWAN Machine Sales TODD HORNAK Machine Sales TIM KRESOWATY Machine Sales MIKE CRONLOTAC Product Support ROB RIVERA Product Support CADIZ BRANCH DAN MINNIS Branch Manager DON FOGLE Service Manager RICK FERRI Parts Manager JOE MOORE Machine Sales CHRIS TAYLOR Product Support ALAN COPE Lead Parts Counter DAYTON BRANCH PATTY DAVIDSON Parts Manager MIKE EARLY Machine Sales TIM EARLY Machine Sales ART DAVIDSON Product Support MASSILLON BRANCH DAN MINNIS Branch Manager MIKE HANEY Assistant Branch Manager JOE DRAGAN Service Manager PAUL STEVENS Machine Sales CHRIS TAYLOR Product Support JIM HENRY Lead Parts Counter ZANESVILLE BRANCH DAN MINNIS Branch Manager FRED TRUBISKY Lead Parts Counter Person PAINESVILLE BRANCH JIM HYDE Customer Service Representative TODD HORNAK Machine Sales ROB RIVERA Product Support PIKETON BRANCH CHESTER GOWEN Branch ManagerSales RON BIXLER Product Support DAVE WALSER Product Support 3 Stan Sayre in the Komatsu PC400LC excavator and Nick Frantz in the Komatsu HM350 articulated truck move dirt as part of a 200-acre land-clearing project to add acreage to the farm. W With three businessesa construction company farm operation and aerial spraying serviceto manage Stan and Chuck Sayre seek out reliable equipment and efficient service. Columbus Equipment Company does both so well that Chuck Sayre credits the dealership with helping keep his construction company up and running. Construction is a sideline business for us but Columbus Equipment Company makes it so easy for me to run the company and provide jobs for my guys said Sayre vice president of Sayre Construction Sayre Farms and Sayre Helicopter. The history of the three companies is intertwined. Stan Sayre grew up on a Pennsylvania farm and came to Ohio to work at the Lordstown GM plant. In 1969 he went back to farming. He needed reliable aerial spraying work done so he learned to do it himself. In the late 1980s Sayre expanded into construction work. His son Chuck joined the company in the mid-1990s and helped grow the construction firm. One of Sayre Constructions biggest clients is The Shelly Company. We do stripping to expose gravel for The Shelly Company in Northeastern Ohio at various pits. We also do pads for commercial developments and small residential site prep putting in streets and sewers Sayre explained. The company uses Komatsu PC400LC-6 and PC210LC-10 excavators dozers including a Komatsu intelligent Machine Control D51i a WA250 wheel loader with tool carrier two HM350-1 haul trucks and a Komatsu CK30 track skid steer. Other pieces from Columbus Equipment include a Kubota utility vehicle Sayre Farms Operator Joe Rogers moves thousands of tons of lime during the season. Lime reduces soil acidity and improves water penetration. It also provides plant nutrition as a source of calcium and magnesium and promotes the uptake of nitrogen phosphorous and potassium in growing plants. CUSTOMER SPOTLIGHT 5 Sayre ConstructionSayre FarmsSayre Helicopter DEDICATED PARTNERS ALLOW MANTUA FAMILY TO FOLLOW PASSIONS We used to have a lot of John Deere equipment and it was unreliable it required a lot of service. It is amazing the difference with Komatsu equipment. Chuck Sayre VP Sayre Construction Sayre Farms and Sayre Helicopter 6 Dresser grader and Talbert lowboy. Sayre likes Komatsu equipment for two reasons reliability and excellent support offered by Columbus Equipment Company. Take the PC400 for example. It does a great job with pipe work and trench boxes. For stripping applications it works very well with the haul trucks. It moves the majority of dirt we move which is a few hundred thousand yards per year. The trackhoe has worked flawlessly for us. It has 10000 hours on mostly original parts. The haul trucks have been very reliable too. That was a big purchase for us and they have been phenomenal. They sip fuel compared to the Moxy trucks we had before. We were always having to work on the Moxys. The Komatsu trucks are hands-down winners in reli- ability Sayre noted. The loader is old from about 2000 but it only has 2000 hours on it. We use it for pipework and farm- work. Aside from oil changes we havent had to touch it. We used to have a lot of John Deere equipment and it was unreliable it required a lot of service. It is amazing the difference with Komatsu equipment. When his equipment does need work the service he gets from Columbus Equipments Richfield store is exceptional Sayre said. Our salesman Todd Hornak knows what we need and he handles it. If Dad and I are off doing other things and one of the guys calls with a problem the store sends a truck and fixes it. I dont have to worry about it. Columbus Equipment is customer-focused and very service driven. They make sure we are running. If we have a problem they take care of it immediately. Komatsus KOMTRAX system gives Sayre added peace of mind by allowing him to keep tabs on his equipment when he is off-site. Last summer for instance he got an email alert that a dozer was over- heating. He called the operator who had gone into weeds and didnt realize pollen was clogging the filter and causing the machine to overheat. Operator Nick Frantz in one of the companys two Komatsu HM350-1 articulated trucks. According to Chuck Sayre the haulers have been hands down winners when it comes to both reliability and fuel efficiency. Columbus Equipment is customer-focused and very service driven. They make sure we are running. If we have a problem they take care of it immediately. Chuck Sayre VP Sayre Construction Sayre Farms and Sayre Helicopter Their Komatsu skid steer got to be a hero when executives of the Swagelok Company called Sayre for help last winter. The company had taken delivery of a new Gulfstream G6 at the Cuyahoga Airport but piles of plowed snow were blocking the way and they couldnt get the jet into the hangar. The Sayres used the CK30 to push back the snow piles. Its funny how a dumb little skid steer saved the day for a mega-million-dollar jet Sayre said with a laugh. Around Mantua the Sayres are also known for the July 4th party they hold for local first responders customers and community members. Chucks wife Shannon came up with the idea to hold a party for local police and fire- fighters after 911. The first one drew a couple dozen people and ended with fireworks. Since then it has grown every year with about 500 attending in 2015 for a meal and professional fireworks show. Theres no alcohol its a party you can bring your family to and Dad encourages everyone to get familiar with the heli- copter especially the kids Sayre said. That family feeling is important to the Sayres. We work with developers we have worked with for 30 years. My customers are my family Sayre said. Thats one of the things I like about Columbus Equipment Company. They treat me like Im family. Its rare to find that kind of relationship in todays world. The Sayre crew is rarely still. A Kubota RTV900 utility vehicle allows speedy transit from one location to the nextand improved productivitywhether its on the Sayre Farm or a Sayre Construction jobsite. 7 Thats one of the things I like about Columbus Equipment Company. They treat me like Im family. Its rare to find that kind of relationship in todays world. Chuck Sayre VP Sayre Construction Sayre Farms and Sayre Helicopter Did You Know Sayre Helicopter is the only helicopter aerial sprayer still in business in Ohio. In the 1960s and 70s when Ohio farmers grew vegetables spraying was big busi- ness because vegetables had to be sprayed weekly. When those farmers switched to corn and soybeans the need for aerial spraying dwindled. In the last decade the industry has seen somewhat of a resurgence because of a new corn fungicide that is applied when corn is too tall for ground-based spraying. Stan Sayre got into spraying around 1970 when a spraying company didnt fulfill its contract and he lost his entire potato crop. Stan decided to do his spraying himself. He had a passion for flying so he learned how to fly and taught himself how to do aerial spraying said his son Chuck. Within a few years other farmers were asking him to spray their corps so he upgraded to a commercial license and went into business. Helicopters which fly at slower speeds than planes are typically used to spray more compact or hard-to- reach fields of under 100 acres. New Komatsu HM400-5 Articulated Dump Truck POWER PERFORMANCE AND PRODUCTIVITY ENSURED BY KOMATSU CARE K Komatsus new HM400-5 articulated dump truck provides the productivity and performance users expect with a Tier 4 Final engine that uses less fuel and cuts operating costs. The 469-hp truck with a 44.1-ton payload is designed for high productivity. The low 10-foot-5- inch loading height matches with a 40- to 60-ton excavator or a 5.5- to 7.5-cubic-yard wheel loader for quick loading. Two single-staged body lift cylinders provide a 70-degree dump angle. The operator can select between Economy and Power modes to match the application or work conditions. Soft ground conditions are no challenge for the HM400 thanks to the Komatsu Traction Control System. If speed sensors on the transmission output shafts detect tire slippage they automatically apply the inter-axle lock providing power to all three axles. If slippage continues four independent brakes can be applied to the slipping wheels to regain traction. The six-speed transmission automatically selects the best gear based on speed engine rpm and shift position for powerful acceleration smooth down-shifting and synchronized engine speed when climbing slopes. An integrated payload meter is now standard. Operators can see the loaded material weight on an LCD monitor and the loader operator can see the weight on external display lamps. The operators cab has been reworked and features a new rounded dash panel with easy-to-reach switches and access to machine controls. The center-mounted seat provides excellent visibility during operation and an aux- iliary input for a smartphone has been added in the cab. Because routine maintenance is the key to reducing downtime Komatsu has made service access easier. The engine hood is made of lightweight fiberglass and the cab tilts forward for easy access to the transmission with a standard electric tilt function. The truck also has increased cooling capacity and is equipped with two hydraulically driven reversible fans to keep the radiator and charge air cooler clean. Like all Tier 4 Final Komatsu models the HM400-5 is covered by Komatsu CARE which provides com- plimentary factory-scheduled maintenance for the first three years or 2000 hours. PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT The 469-hp truck with a 44.1-ton payload is designed for high productivity. The low 10-foot- 5-inch loading height matches with a 40- to 60-ton excavator or a 5.5- to 7.5-cubic-yard wheel loader for quick loading. 8 Komatsu Launches D155AXi-8 Crawler Dozer LARGEST SEMI-AUTOMATIC DOZER YET K Komatsus new 354-hp intelligent dozer is ready to speed up production on highway projects and site preparation jobs. The new D155AXi-8 is the first crawler dozer in its class equipped with Komatsus integrated intelligent Machine Control iMC system which produces much greater efficiency than after- market machine control systems. The D155 is more efficient because the iMC system allows it to sense and control blade load optimize the start of the cut and minimize track slip. The iMC system can handle everything from heavy dozing to fine grading. Because the system is integrated into the machine operators dont have to waste time every morning and evening climbing on the blade to install or remove antennas. They also dont have to worry about snagging cables or messing up electrical connections. Many customers report the integrated system provides their operators with 30 minutes more actual working time during a shift. The D155 is built for enhanced productivity. If you are looking for something that accurately and efficiently moves massive amounts of material look no further said Jason Anetsberger Komatsus iMC product manager. The dozer has an automatic gearshift transmission and lock-up torque converter that work together to select the optimal gear range depending on site conditions and load providing maximum operating efficiency. The system also eliminates horsepower loss and cuts fuel consumption by up to 10 percent. Another productivity boost comes from Komatsus patented Sigmadozer blade which is designed to dig and roll up more soil at the blades center. The blade also holds more material reduces digging resistance and dozes up to 15 percent more dirt while using less power than a typical semi-U blade. The blade on the D155 has a 12.3-cubic-yard capacity. The dozer is powered by a 354-hp Komatsu Tier 4 Final engine that emits 80 percent less NOx than the previous engine. All Tier 4 Final Komatsus are covered by Komatsu CARE which provides scheduled factory maintenance for the first three years or 2000 hours and two com- plimentary Diesel Particulate Filter exchanges. PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT The new D155AXi-8 is the first crawler dozer in its class equipped with Komatsus integrated intelligent Machine Control iMC system 9 Im proud that our Komatsu dozer designs are always breaking new ground like our forward cab small dozers and now our intelligent machines with integrated technology. But its a team effort and it takes dedicated team members to build in the quality it takes to meet the demands of our customers. And thats why I AM KOMATSU. PUSHING AHEAD WITH INTELLIGENT MACHINE CONTROL Automated operation from rough dozing to nish grade Intelligent dozing mode and load control features No cables between machine and blade A factory-installed integrated system CODY GASTON KOMATSU DOZER DESIGN ENGINEER CHATTANOOGA TN D61PXi-23 MADE WITH PASSION AND PRIDE 009009Copyright 2015 Komatsu America Corp. All Rights ReservedCopyright 2015 Komatsu America Corp. All Rights Reserved L Link-Belt has introduced a new 100-ton rough terrain crane that features a 164-foot boom. The boom on the new 100RT is much longer than found on the competition or on Link-Belts 90- or 110-ton cranes making this machine the choice for long-boom applications. With additional lattice boom extensions the maximum tip height is 261.7 feet. The 100RT features Link-Belts new boom design. Made of 140 ksi steel the boom offers added strength for lifts said Bob Weber who heads Columbus Equipment Companys Lifting Division. The boom is a six-section pin-and-latch style that incorporates Link-Belts standard Teflon wear pucks so it requires no grease. A three-piece bi-fold on-board lattice fly with an integrated 10-foot section is available and can be manually offset to 2 15 30 or 45 degrees. The fly has an integrated 10-foot swing-out section that can lift up to 24 tons and is ideal for applications where four parts of line are needed or can provide a one-loadtwo-line lift solution for lifts that require tilting up a tank tower or wall. Most Link-Belt competitors only offer a two-piece fly. The cab on the 100RT tilts up to 20 degrees to provide operators a better line of sight to the tip of the boom. Operators will also have a better view of the work site thanks to the camera package on the 100RT. Cameras provide a view to the right side of the upper the main and auxiliary winch and there is also a back-up camera. LED viewing lights are positioned on all four outrigger beams. This Tier 4 Final crane also features ease-of-maintenance innovations such as a centralized pressure check and grease bank located near the cab. For routine checks of the powertrain components and fluid levels operators can open large swing-out doors where LED lighting illu- minates the entire engine compartment. The 100RT will transport on a conventional lowboy trailer with the base fully equippedminus modular counterweightsat less than 94000 lbs. PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT Link-Belt 100RT Rough Terrain Crane ADDS REACH AND CAPACITY TO 4-WHEEL SEGMENT 11 The 100RT features Link-Belts new boom design. Made of 140 ksi steel the boom offers added strength for lifts. Bob Weber Head of Lifting Division Columbus Equipment Company Operators Chris Harper left and Eric Saft in cab maneuver a 6100-lb. rig cellar with the companys new Link-Belt RTC-8080 Rough Terrain Crane. Cellars can be used to house casing spools and casing heads as well as the lower part of the Blow Out Preventer on some smaller rigs. 13 I In the 60-plus years since the Nicolozakes Trucking Companys original founding as a trucking company with one truck to its name the current Nicolozakes Trucking Construction Inc. has become a diversified multi-faceted company offering a wide range of services in southeastern Ohio and the surrounding area. The company provides crane rigging and millwright services oil and gas services such as rigging excavating and grading specialized hauling general contracting services factory disassembly and relocation as well as catering to industrial and manufacturing customers. The companys philosophy has always been to concentrate on core competencies and to follow a path of slow conservative growth said William A. Bill Nicolozakes president. We are not afraid to look cus- tomers in the eye and turn away work rather than take on more than we can perform to our quality standards. Bill and his cousin Dean Nicolozakes secretary-treasurer learned about disciplined growth from their fathers company founders Stanley and William G. Bill Nicolozakes. The founders father Gust Nicolozakes was a living example of hard work. He emigrated to the United States at the age of 14 and worked as a miner cowboy and baker before losing everything during The Great Depression. Gust later started a trucking company and hauled coal. When Gust retired Bill and Stanley inherited one truckwithout an engine. They won enough money in a craps game to buy an engine and began building their company in 1953 borrowing money to buy more trucks. My dad told us a thousand times You dont know stress until youve borrowed money and have to tell the bank you cant make the first payment Bill said. Fortunately they reinvested in the company as they grew. The Nicolozakeses continue to invest in the company. In the last year they realized they needed a larger crane than the 90-ton Grove TM890 that was their largest in a fleet of five cranes. The purchase was customer driven. We have a corral of excellent operators and our services are in high demand because we perform quality work and are a local company Bill said. The executives felt confident demand would remain high. With the cautiousness that is ingrained in the company culture they embarked on a thorough search for the right crane for their needs comparing Grove Terex and Link- Belt machines. After touring Link-Belts manufacturing plant in Kentucky they decided to purchase a new Link-Belt HTC-3140 LB from Columbus Equipment Company. We were impressed that they weld and press the booms LIFTING DIVISION Nicolozakes Trucking Construction Inc. HONORS A FAMILY LEGACY INSPIRED BY THE GREAT DEPRESSION Top left Grandparents Gust and Diamanta Nicolozakes. Top right Founders William G. Bill and Stanley Nicolozakes. Bottom The company fleet has changed considerably since the 1950s. Gust Nicolozakes emigrated to the United States at the age of 14 and worked as a miner cowboy and baker before losing everything during The Great Depression. in Kentucky. We were also impressed with the cranes safety systems and the operator friendliness of the crane control system said Dean a certified crane operator. Link-Belts customer support is impressive. The ware- house has a 90-million parts inventory but support goes even further. When we toured the factory they explained if our crane is down and the part is not available in their warehouse they will go onto the manufacturing floor or to a crane in their lot and make the part available to us. They found Link-Belt employees to be professional knowledgeable and attentive to detail. We could see their passion down there Bill said. Gary Rice the companys regional sales manager for Ohio gave us straight answers to our questions. Originally the Nicolozakeses had considered purchasing a 100-ton Link-Belt 86100 but we were kicking around the idea of getting a larger crane and once we saw the 3140 we realized that was the right machine for what we do Bill said. The 140-ton crane allows us to perform a wider range of services for cus- tomers offers additional capacity for lifting jobs and provides an additional safety buffer for personnel. Another factor in Link-Belts favor was Columbus Equipment Companys customer support. Nicolozakes Trucking was founded just a year after Columbus Equipment started and the two companies have had a good relationship since the early days. Columbus Equipment sold us two of the Grove cranes we ownwe bought them new back in 1986. Columbus Equipment has a proven track record and we feel confident that if we have any service requirements they will be responsive. They have a good network of experienced technicians. They understand that we and our customers cannot afford to be down for any period of time Bill said. Columbus Equipment still assists Nicolozakes Trucking with their Grove cranes noted Joe Moore Columbus Equipment sales representative. The 3140 is their first Link-Belt purchase. It met all their criteria for lifting capa- bilities for the different applications they will use it for primarily in the energy business but also for commercial work. It is a highly versatile piece of equipment. In addition to investing in quality equipment one of our most important investments is in our people Bill said. A few years ago when work was slow we kept men working in our own shop instead of sending them home in an effort to retain our quality people. We have a family culture and solid people who are good at what they do. We are proud of what we do. We vet employees person- ally to ensure we only have top quality people here. The company is still family run with Bill Dean and Deans brotherBill J. Nicolozakes vice president of engineeringin leadership roles. Deans son John has also started working for the company as safety and busi- ness development manager adding another generation to the mixanother generation learning that safety quality and thoughtful growth are key ingredients in the family recipe for success. 15 We have a corral of excellent operators and our services are in high demand because we perform quality work William A. Bill Nicolozakes President Nicolozakes Trucking Construction Inc. Bill Nicolozakes is under no illusion that one of our most important investments is in our people. Members of the Nicolozakes team can be seen pictured recently with the companys new Link-Belt HTC-3140 LB and Columbus Equipment Company personnel at Link-Belts Lexington KY facility. C Sayre Construction Company REAPING iMC BENEFITS AT EVERY iMC PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT 16 Chuck Sayre vice president of Sayre Construction Company had never worked with a machine control dozer until this spring when he purchased a Komatsu D51 with intelligent Machine Control iMC. In one shift he became a true believer. After the first eight hours around the dozer I couldnt believe I had waited so long to try it he said. The iMC dozer is at least 30 to 40 percent more productive than a conventional dozer possibly over 50 percent Sayre estimated. However thats only part of the story he noted. This dozer will do the work in half the time but on the whole rest of the jobsite were saving time and money because of the iMC. On the old D51 we had we put a lot more hours on it because we were trying to make the grade perfect. On the iMC the grade is perfect Sayre said. Fewer hours on the machine means less wear and tear less fuel fewer repairs and reduced need for labor. I can put my least experienced guy in the D51i and have him grade the site which is the job that requires the most experience Sayre said. The machine knows how to cut in and take the dirt where it needs to go. It knows how to cut to grade like a seasoned operator. Some benefits of the iMC have been completely unexpected. Sayre was used to arriving at a jobsite after an overnight rainstorm to find a graded area filled with puddles requiring him to grade again. With the iMC however the machine can automatically put in swales to eliminate puddles and there is no need for someone to check the graded site for low points or spots that arent draining. Sayre saves labor costs and the expense of having to regrade. In one instance the company had a job with a Through farming and construction Stan and Chuck Sayre pictured above have worked in the soil for well over 50 years. Their willingness to exper- iment with and adopt new technology has put them in the drivers seat when it comes to running and growing their businesses efficiently. The iMC dozer is at least 30 to 40 percent more productive than a conventional dozer possibly over 50 percent. Chuck Sayre VP Sayre Construction Company Y INTELLIGENTLY-GUIDED TURN 17 20-foot cut that called for a 1-to-1 slope. The job had been engineered so his operator and the iMC dozer followed the CAD plans. When the owner saw the finished work he complained the slope was too steep. Sayre had a surveyor confirm the job was completed to plan. The owner then requested the slopes be laid back to a 2-to-1 slope. We just dialed it in and the iMC did it. We ended up with a sizeable change order on that job. In the past I would have done the regrade for free because I would have never known to have it surveyed because I was sure the machine had done it correctly. I would have moved more dirt for the same price. Now the dozer is not just saving us money its making us more money Sayre said. Sayre had been reluctant to invest in an iMC machine because he thought it would only work on an engineered project where blueprints or CAD plans were available. However Mike Fenster Columbus Equipment Companys TSE manager showed him how to execute a project without plans. It doesnt matter if the project is engineered or you drew it on a napkin Sayre said. You just show the dozer where you want it and how deep. You can take it out on any site. It is so much easier to put a site in than to find experienced operators and laborers he added. The technology is an investment. However when contractors find out what iMC does for them and put a pencil to it Komatsu will not be able to make these intelligent machines fast enough. I can put my least experienced guy in the D51i and have him grade the site which is the job that requires the most experience. Chuck Sayre VP Sayre Construction Company When contractors find out what iMC does for them Komatsu will not be able to make these intelligent machines fast enough. Chuck Sayre VP Sayre Construction Company Left Chuck and Stan Sayre pictured onsite with their Komatsu D51EXi crawler dozer. Center and right The D51EXi has not only revolutionized the way the Sayres move soil but the way they approach the jobsite and the projects they perform. F Town Country Paving EAGLE CRUSHER DELIVERS COMPETITIVEN ENVIRONMENTAL DIVISION 18 For Town Country Paving a family-owned business in De Motte Indiana the decision to use recycled asphalt product was a matter of survival. Buying an Eagle Crusher E Plant to assist the recycling process however was an economic decision that keeps paying off. Until 2008 the company made asphalt in a batch plant from the early 1970s said Rodney Urbano VP and general manager. We were losing larger jobs because we couldnt incorporate recycled asphalt product into our asphalt. We realized other companies were producing their raw materials 15 or 20 percent cheaper than we could. Town Country purchased a modern drum mixer asphalt plant that allowed them to recycle asphalt product. They had already accumulated a large stockpile of used asphalt from repaving jobs but the old screening plant they had couldnt handle it so they hired a company to crush asphalt for them. That company brought in an E Plant and the Urbano family was impressed with its performance. We decided it would be more cost-effective to buy our own crusher Rodney said. Town Country purchased the E plant after meeting with Columbus Equipment Company Environmental Division sales rep Jesse Garber and John Powell Team Eagle regional sales rep. I know Jesse sells a lot of brands and I was impressed that instead of trying to convince us he knows everything about Eagle crushers he brought John who knows the machine inside out Town Country Paving has been in the business for over 30 years but recently upgraded their production system with an Eagle Crusher 1200-25CC Portable Impactor Plant. The 123000-lb. upgraded 450HP crusher processes around 130 tons of concrete per hour. We were losing larger jobs because we couldnt incorporate recycled asphalt product into our asphalt. We realized other companies were producing their raw materials 15 or 20 percent cheaper than we could. Rodney Urbano VP Town Country Paving NESS AND SECONDARY REVENUE STREAMS 19 Urbano said. The Urbanos quickly found a second use for the E-plantcrushing broken concrete. Town Country charges contractors a tipping fee and crushes the concrete into a compactible aggregate that meets INDOT speci- fications for a base for roads and parking lots. They also sell the product to other contractors. We started out trying to stay competitive but it turned out to be a nice benefit for environmental rea- sons and because of the tipping fees and aggregate sales he noted. The Urbanos also sell the rebar they remove from concrete as scrap producing more income. Since buying the crusher Town Country has easily worked down its stockpile of used asphalt and con- crete. The E Plant is so productive that operators dont run it at full speed when crushing asphalt because we cant feed it fast enough with a 5.5-yard bucket Urbano said. He estimates the crusher processes 130 tons of concrete an hour. The E-plant is designed to sift out fine pieces of asphalt before crushing and that keeps the screens from getting gummed up Urbano said. He has been pleased with the consistency of the material the plant produces and it has outperformed anything we could imagine in handling the rebar. Town Country had a warranty issue shortly after the plant was installed and Columbus Equipment and Team Eagle were here immediately even though it was super cold. They took care of the issue. They didnt patch the problem part they replaced it. I could not have been more satisfied with how they handled the problem Urbano said. Town Country was started in 1982 by the late Tom Burns who drove around in his pickup looking for driveway paving jobs. One of his five stepsonsthe Urbano brotherswas usually with him. Today those five still work for the company. Mike is personnel director Carmen is the mechanic John is paving crew superintendent and Dan is asphalt plant operator. In paving season they have more than 30 employees. Town Country works for INDOT counties and municipalities and is a subcontractor for bridge builders and general contractors. Embracing recycled asphalt and acquiring the Eagle crusher was a big decision for the company but the Urbanos did the necessary research and now they are reaping the rewards. Columbus Equipment and Team Eagle were here imme- diately even though it was super cold. I could not have been more satisfied with how they handled the problem. Rodney Urbano VP Town Country Paving Process upgrades at Town Country have led to good thingsincreased capacity and decreased cost or raw materialsat the companys De Motte IN facility. Center right Operations Manager Dan Urbano loads product from the companys drum mixer asphalt plant right. Whether you have one machine or fifty your equipment deserves the best care available. Simply decide which units youd like covered and Columbus Equipment Company will ensure they are prop- erly serviced on time by a qualified technician. IronLife Preventive Maintenance Services can be scheduled to take place in our shop or on your site. Maintenance is performed outside of your reg- ular working hourswhen your equipment has shut down for the dayso there is zero downtime. IronLife Preventive Maintenance Program PRODUCT SUPPORT Perform Optimally with IronLife Preventive Maintenance Services Ohios Dependable Dealer Contact your local product support representative or PM Service Administrator Jason Lang at 216 210-8958 to enroll in IronLife PM Services today. Jason will create a customized program to cover the work you need to fire on all cylinders all the time Manufacturer-recommended maintenance scheduled at intervals of 250 500 1000 and 2000 hours. These items can also be customized to your specific application. Oil analysis under Komatsus KOWA Komatsu Oil and Wear Analysis Program to determine levels of particles and various metals so that potential repairs can be identified before they become critical. Fee includes full lubrication of machine 50-point inspection genuine OEM parts quality Fleetguard filters Komatsu or Chevron grease and fluids. Pricing is guaranteed pricing with signed agreement. Services apply to all makes and models. Satisfaction guaranteed Whats Included in IronLife 21 COMPANY NEWS New Massillon Branch Expands GREATER-CANTON AREA SALES AND SERVICE CAPABILITIES C Columbus Equipment Company has moved to a new facility in Massillon to better serve our Greater Canton area customers. The location at 2200 Venture Circle S.E. Massillon Ohio 44646 is just 10 minutes west of the old store in Canton and offers easy access to Route 30. The store is now fully operational and features a new customer service area including a large parts department. The facility already has a five-bay service area and work is underway on a 5000-square-foot addition that will add two drive-through bays supported by a 10-ton overhead crane. When that work is completed by the end of January 2016 the facility will have 20000 square feet of space. Beaver Constructors of Canton is the contractor on the project. The added bays will allow the service staff to handle larger equipment and larger projects than before said Dan Minnis manager of the Massillon branch. We have had a very good market share in the Canton area for quite a few years and this facility will allow us to keep up with that amount of fleet. Our investment in the Massillon facility is part of Columbus Equipment Companys ongoing commitment to providing the best service possible to our customers in the area. Along with the additional service area the 5.3-acre property provides plenty of room for the store to maintain a bigger sales and rental fleet than it could in Canton. Mike Haney has been named assistant branch manager for the Massillon store. Mike will oversee the daily operations of the branch. He was previously inside sales coordinator for the Canton and Cadiz branches and I believe he will help facilitate growth and provide continuity for our customers Minnis said Haney who has been with Columbus Equipment Company since 2013 also has experience in the building trades. The store will hold a grand opening event in the spring but customers are invited to come check out the new facil- ity during regular business hours. Customers have been very excited about the facility including a much better parking lot than we had in Canton Minnis said Columbus Equipment has been serving the Canton market since 1996. Our investment in the Massillon facility is part of Columbus Equipment Companys ongoing commitment to providing the best service possible to our customers in the area. Dan Minnis Massillon Branch Manager Columbus Equipment Company W 22 BRANCH NEWS On The Move ... PEOPLE AND PRODUCTS Wed like to thank everyone who attended the fall shows including the Paul Bunyan Show pictured above and right the Ohio Aggregates Show and the Ohio Contractors Association Winter Conference. We truly appreciate your taking the time to stop by our booth. The 2016 show schedule starts with the 46th annual Power Show Ohio on Jan. 28-30 at the Ohio Expo Center in Columbus. This is one of largest indoor exhibi- tions for the equipment industry and we will be exhibit- ing equipment from Takeuchi and Kubota. We will also be at the 2016 Indiana Hardwood Lumbermens Association Convention and Exposition on Feb. 2-4 at the Indianapolis Marriott Downtown. Corporate Chad Rink has joined Columbus Equipment Company as Human Resources Manager. For the previ- ous 18 years Chad worked for the Walmart Distribution Center in Grove City Ohio including eight years as HR manager. He and his wife have five sons and are active in Rock City Church. Chad who grew up in the Cincinnati area describes himself as a huge sports fan. Cindy Hyland retired as Credit Manager in September. Her co-workers honored her 28-year career with Columbus Equipment Company at a retirement luncheon MCd by Mike Sarrey Chief Financial Officer. Cindy received several retirement gifts including lots of Buckeye gear andin a nod to her aversion to cookingan apron and cookbook. Keith Patterson Columbus Equipment Companys new credit manager has 25 years of experience in the com- mercial credit industry. For the last 10 years he was the senior credit manager for Great Dane Trailers in Savannah Georgia where he maintained the entire credit portfolio. He has a BS in business with a concentration in man- agement from the University of South Carolina. A native of Ohio Keith and his wife have been mar- ried for 34 years. Their daughter lives in Columbus and being closer to her and their grandchild was an incentive to return to Ohio he said. Keith enjoys traveling biking kayaking and snow skiing. Massillon Branch Mike Haney has been promoted to Assistant Manager of our Massillon branch. Previously he worked as inside sales coordi- nator of the Cadiz and Canton locations. Mike joined Columbus Equipment Company in 2013 and has extensive experience in the construction industry. USED EQUIPMENT Monthly Specials Looking To Buy or Sell Any Brand of Machine Call Jon St. Julian at 614 332-3258 or Skip Young at 614 395-1354. For a Complete List of Used Equipment Please Visit YEAR MAKE MODEL STOCK HOURS PRICE EXCAVATORS 2010 Cat 319 K9244T 2900.00 95000.00 2014 John Deere 180G K9243T 449.00 150000.00 2007 Cat 320DL RK8277T 6780.00 75000.00 2003 Cat 330C 28086T2 11800.00 75000.00 2005 Kubota KX161 25589T 4795.00 33000.00 2009 Komatsu PC55MR-3 K7761T 4866.00 42000.00 2009 Komatsu PC78MR-6 U26489 2752.00 73500.00 2005 Komatsu PC138USLC-2 K9073T 5020.00 49000.00 2011 Komatsu PC138USLC-8 K8894T 5085.00 97500.00 2003 Komatsu PC200LC-7 RK7783T 6965.00 55000.00 2013 Komatsu PC210LC-10 K9146T 1915.00 159000.00 2008 Komatsu PC228USLC-3 K8949T 7483.00 69500.00 2013 Komatsu PC240LC-10 U28365 578.00 225000.00 2013 Komatsu PC290LC-10 RU29153 1563.00 225000.00 2004 Komatsu PC308USLC-3 U26860 4791.00 175500.00 2010 Komatsu PC350LC-8 U28607 6486.00 155000.00 2000 Komatsu PC400LC-6 RK7407T1 16200.00 52000.00 DOZERS 2010 Komatsu D31EX-22 U25071 4508.00 59900.00 2013 Komatsu D37EX-23 RU30267 734.00 105000.00 2013 Komatsu D51EX-22 K9140T 1686.00 157500.00 2001 Cat D5CXL RK8433T 5318.00 55000.00 2007 Komatsu D61EX-15 U29482 3072.00 125000.00 2013 Komatsu D61PX-23 RU29154 1531.00 235000.00 WHEEL LOADERS 1999 John Deere 444H K8905T 19292.00 32500.00 1991 Cat Scraper 613C K9083T 5183.00 25000.00 1998 Komatsu WA250-3 K8891T 13900.00 27500.00 2009 Komatsu WA250-6 U25978 3866.00 119000.00 2014 Komatsu WA270-7 U29151 1467.00 135000.00 2013 Komatsu WA320-7 RU28938 518.00 165000.00 2013 Komatsu WA320-7 RU28939 657.00 165000.00 2012 Komatsu WA380-7 RU25018 2293.00 170000.00 2011 Komatsu WA470-6 RK7736T 11562.00 94500.00 CRANES 2008 Link Belt RTC8030II U26490 2695.00 Call 2011 Link Belt RTC8050II U27280 3456.00 Call 2008 Link Belt RTC8065II U26090 4737.00 Call UP TO 6-MONTH POWERTRAIN WARRANTY STANDARD ON ALL REMARKETING CERTIFIED MACHINES 2011 Komatsu PC200LC-8 Stock U27073 1960 Hours 152500 2000 Komatsu CD60R-1E Stock RU24724 80000 2011 Komatsu WA250-6 Stock U30373 1038 Hours 127500 23 2016 Mediaworks Marketing Inc. 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