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C Sayre Construction Company REAPING iMC BENEFITS AT EVERY iMC PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT 16 Chuck Sayre vice president of Sayre Construction Company had never worked with a machine control dozer until this spring when he purchased a Komatsu D51 with intelligent Machine Control iMC. In one shift he became a true believer. After the first eight hours around the dozer I couldnt believe I had waited so long to try it he said. The iMC dozer is at least 30 to 40 percent more productive than a conventional dozer possibly over 50 percent Sayre estimated. However thats only part of the story he noted. This dozer will do the work in half the time but on the whole rest of the jobsite were saving time and money because of the iMC. On the old D51 we had we put a lot more hours on it because we were trying to make the grade perfect. On the iMC the grade is perfect Sayre said. Fewer hours on the machine means less wear and tear less fuel fewer repairs and reduced need for labor. I can put my least experienced guy in the D51i and have him grade the site which is the job that requires the most experience Sayre said. The machine knows how to cut in and take the dirt where it needs to go. It knows how to cut to grade like a seasoned operator. Some benefits of the iMC have been completely unexpected. Sayre was used to arriving at a jobsite after an overnight rainstorm to find a graded area filled with puddles requiring him to grade again. With the iMC however the machine can automatically put in swales to eliminate puddles and there is no need for someone to check the graded site for low points or spots that arent draining. Sayre saves labor costs and the expense of having to regrade. In one instance the company had a job with a Through farming and construction Stan and Chuck Sayre pictured above have worked in the soil for well over 50 years. Their willingness to exper- iment with and adopt new technology has put them in the drivers seat when it comes to running and growing their businesses efficiently. The iMC dozer is at least 30 to 40 percent more productive than a conventional dozer possibly over 50 percent. Chuck Sayre VP Sayre Construction Company