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L Link-Belt has introduced a new 100-ton rough terrain crane that features a 164-foot boom. The boom on the new 100RT is much longer than found on the competition or on Link-Belts 90- or 110-ton cranes making this machine the choice for long-boom applications. With additional lattice boom extensions the maximum tip height is 261.7 feet. The 100RT features Link-Belts new boom design. Made of 140 ksi steel the boom offers added strength for lifts said Bob Weber who heads Columbus Equipment Companys Lifting Division. The boom is a six-section pin-and-latch style that incorporates Link-Belts standard Teflon wear pucks so it requires no grease. A three-piece bi-fold on-board lattice fly with an integrated 10-foot section is available and can be manually offset to 2 15 30 or 45 degrees. The fly has an integrated 10-foot swing-out section that can lift up to 24 tons and is ideal for applications where four parts of line are needed or can provide a one-loadtwo-line lift solution for lifts that require tilting up a tank tower or wall. Most Link-Belt competitors only offer a two-piece fly. The cab on the 100RT tilts up to 20 degrees to provide operators a better line of sight to the tip of the boom. Operators will also have a better view of the work site thanks to the camera package on the 100RT. Cameras provide a view to the right side of the upper the main and auxiliary winch and there is also a back-up camera. LED viewing lights are positioned on all four outrigger beams. This Tier 4 Final crane also features ease-of-maintenance innovations such as a centralized pressure check and grease bank located near the cab. For routine checks of the powertrain components and fluid levels operators can open large swing-out doors where LED lighting illu- minates the entire engine compartment. The 100RT will transport on a conventional lowboy trailer with the base fully equippedminus modular counterweightsat less than 94000 lbs. PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT Link-Belt 100RT Rough Terrain Crane ADDS REACH AND CAPACITY TO 4-WHEEL SEGMENT 11 The 100RT features Link-Belts new boom design. Made of 140 ksi steel the boom offers added strength for lifts. Bob Weber Head of Lifting Division Columbus Equipment Company