Edenfield employs his own mechanics, but he counts on Columbus Equipment Company to do the more com- plicated work for any brands he owns, such as servic- ing transmissions and engines. “Columbus Equipment’s mechanics are highly knowledgeable and do a good job,” he noted. With such varied business interests today, it’s hard to believe Edenfield’s original plan was to simply become a farmer. After he purchased the dozer to clean up his own property, he started moving dirt for neighbors, and then got into excavating. He purchased the quarry in 2001 and added fuel distribution in 2006, diversifying his company bit by bit. “Since I started, I have been blessed. I’ve always had plenty of work to do. I credit that to good equipment and doing the job you are hired to do. Once I got started into construction and equipment, it’s been a nice long ride,” Edenfield said. “I have enjoyed it, and I enjoy having equipment that does what it’s supposed to. That’s why I started moving to Komatsu equipment.” Investing in reliable, hard-working equipment like Komatsu pays off, he added, sounding like a true Komatsu man. “If equipment works hard and does what it is supposed to, it will make you money. I’ve had brands that didn’t hold up, that I’ve had to replace every two or three years. They didn’t make the company any money. Komatsu equipment has helped me grow the company, as well as its profitability.” Ervin Hill Sand and Gravel quarry was originally permitted in 1947. Mark Edenfield bought the business in 2001. The quarry now distributes over 180,000 tons of product per year, using more than 35 International trucks. Edenfield personally works on the vehicles, many times after hours. One Class 8 International has racked up over 3.7 million miles … and is still going strong. “Ron and Chester are extremely good people. I like their attitude and the energy they put into their work. They find out what you need and will take care of you every time.” Mark Edenfield; President, Mark Edenfield Inc. 7 “Komatsu equipment has helped me grow the company, as well as its profitability.” Mark Edenfield; President, Mark Edenfield Inc.