I’ve run the haul truck, which is also smoother. The cab is a lot more spacious, and you don’t beat your brains out like in the Cat 730.” When Heath works as an operator, he typically runs one of the company’s Cat excavators, although he’s looking to demo a Komatsu excavator in the next year. Mark Edenfield Inc. provides site development services, basement excavations, concrete work, and fuel distribution in roughly a 70- to 80-mile radius of Hillsboro, including Columbus and reaching into Indiana, Kentucky and West Virginia. Recent projects have included site work and pads for a new apartment complex in Cincinnati and residential basements in subdivisions around Cincinnati. Edenfield also owns Ervin Hill Quarry in Hillsboro, and equipment moves between the enterprises as needed. The HM350 haul trucks are primarily used at the sand and gravel quarry, but they sometimes work on construction sites. The contractor has enjoyed a long relationship with Columbus Equipment Company’s Product Support Rep Ron Bixler and Branch Manager/Sales Rep Chester Gowen, dating back to 1982 when Edenfield purchased a farm in the area and needed someone to clean his ditches. When he couldn’t find anyone to do it for him, he purchased a dozer to do the work himself. “Ron and Chester are extremely good people,” he said of the two. “I like their attitude and the energy they put into their work. They find out what you need and will take care of you every time. I have also had very good experience with the parts desk in Cincinnati, and the mechanics there are good to deal with.” “Ron and Chester are great guys. They know their stuff. When we have a problem and can’t figure it out, they are the first ones we’ll call,” Heath added. Grant Edenfield with the company’s Komatsu D61PX crawler dozer. The machine’s performance and fuel efficiency were pivotal in swaying Mark Edenfiled’s opinion on the brand. Ever since, the combination of Komatsu equipment and Columbus Equipment Company support have been a tough team to beat. 6 “With the D61, I knew within an hour that I was going to buy it. The performance was way above a Cat.” Mark Edenfield; President, Mark Edenfield Inc. “I would say the fuel savings is easily 20 percent on a full-day run.” Mark Edenfield; President, Mark Edenfield Inc.