M Mark Edenfield, a Hillsboro, Ohio, contractor, long had a reputation as a Caterpillar man. That changed three years ago, when he found himself short on equipment for a commercial site prep job and ended up renting a Komatsu D61 dozer and WA380 wheel loader from Columbus Equipment Company’s Piketon branch. Before long, he purchased both machines, and was well on his way to becoming a Komatsu man. “With the D61, I knew within an hour that I was going to buy it,” Edenfield said. “The performance was way above a Cat. That sold me on it.” Edenfield hadn’t been happy with how the newer Cats handled, and the Komatsu offered exactly the performance he wanted. “The Cats have a hesitation on the hydrostatic, and that really bugged me,” he said. With the Komatsu, there was no such hesitation. Instead, the power transfer was smooth, and Edenfield could tell “the machine was doing what it was supposed to do.” Along with the smooth operation, he liked the comfortable operator’s cab, the dozer’s stability, and the fuel efficiency the Komatsu offered. It’s hard to make a machine-to-machine comparison, because his Cats and Komatsu are different sizes, but “I would say the fuel savings is easily 20 percent on a full-day run.” The wheel loader provides the same smooth performance. “There’s no hesitation, the motor doesn’t rev, and there is a smooth transition between the motor, transmission, and power to the ground. I have two Cat loaders, and the Komatsu is three times easier on the operator, because there’s no high-energy surge to it. There’s a lot less fatigue on the operator,” he commented. Edenfield added more Komatsu units to his fleet last year when he purchased two HM350 haul trucks. He already owned Cat and Volvo articulated trucks, but again he has found the Komatsus provide superior performance. “I really like the way the Komatsus handle the load. And I like the design of the hitch, which is stronger than on the older trucks I own. The 350s have also been low maintenance.” Yes, there’s a pattern here. “I’m kind of switching over to Komatsu, because I’ve been happy with the service from Columbus Equipment Company and the equipment line,” he said. One person who is excited about seeing more Komatsu equipment is Edenfield’s son, Heath, who works as a project manager and foreman for the company, along with his brother Grant. “I’ve run the Komatsu dozer and I love it. It is a heck of a lot smoother than the Cat, and more powerful. It has a comfortable cab. And Operator Jason Campbell loads one of Ervin Hill’s 75-85 loads per day with a Komatsu WA380 wheel loader. CUSTOMER SPOTLIGHT Mark Edenfield Inc. KOMATSU DEPENDABILITY FOUNDATION TO CONSISTENT GROWTH 5 “Mark Edenfield Inc. provides site development services, basement excavations, concrete work, and fuel distribution in roughly a 70- to 80-mile radius of Hillsboro.” Mark Edenfield; President, Mark Edenfield Inc.