A E B C D Age:  Max. 3 Years Frame:  Max. 3,000 Hours Undercarriage/ Tires: Max. 50% wear General Appearance: Excellent/ ”Like new” Performance: Meets all performance specs Age:  Max. 6 Years Frame:  Max. 6,000 Hours Undercarriage/ Tires: Max. 50% wear General Appearance: Very good/Clean Performance: Meets all performance specs Age:  No Limit Frame:  No hour limitation/signifi- cant structural problems Undercarriage/Tires: Max. 75% wear General Appearance: Acceptable/Only minor leaks/Normal wear Performance: Job-ready. May need minor adjustments/repairs Age:  No Limit Frame:  Repairable structural problems Undercarriage/Tires: May need replacement General Appearance: May need paint/sheet metal; leak, hinge, pin bore repair Performance: May need significant repairs to be job-ready Overall Condition:  May start/Not fully operational General Appearance:  May appear unusable Selling Feature: Typically sold as a “parts” machine Call your local representative today for the Komatsu ReMarketing certified machine that best fits your needs … and budget. Komatsu Distributor Certified Used Equipment The Komatsu Distributor Certified label assures that you get the high-quality, used equipment you need, when you need it, at a price you can afford. 19 Every machine is subject to a 5- to 8-hour field inspection to evaluate it against Komatsu’s high performance standards, and is certified using the ranking system below. Our technicians perform complete diagnostic testing, make any necessary repairs and any requested customizations to meet your needs. Financing options and maintenance/warranty programs are also available. A E B C D THE GOLD STANDARD