slow down when it runs the semiautomatics.” Cavanaugh is a family-owned company that traces its roots to 1929. Cavanaugh works in Northeast Ohio and employs 50 to 100 people, including union carpenters, operators and laborers, said Brian Cavanaugh, president, and fourth generation to run the company. The company’s scope of work has included the University of Akron Soccer Complex; Akron Water Department projects; numerous Metro Parks jobs and large, site-development projects. The contractor has been a Columbus Equipment Company customer for 15 years and has also purchased a Komatsu PC210LC, PC88MR and two HM300 haul trucks in the past few years. “We’ve had no major issues with them, and parts are available when we need them.” Jarvis said. Nate Koerper and Mike Fenster, machine control specialists with Columbus Equipment Company, have been very helpful in providing training and support for the iMC excavator, Jarvis added. “Nate and Mike have been available regardless the time of day or night.” Jarvis tracks production, and just a few months expe- rience with the PC360i shows costs are lower. Part of that is reduced labor, but the benefits of getting it right the first time and not overdigging factor in as well. “Not overdigging has been a significant benefit,” he said. CIENCY AND OVERHEAD “The PC360i replaced a Cat excavator using a Trimble system, and it has been a significant improvement. ” Brady Jarvis, Project Manager Cavanaugh Building Corporation 15 The company’s Komatsu PC360LCi showed its prowess on the Geauga Park District, 74-acre Hyde Kaplan Park project. Operator Mike Lewis estimated a 25-30% time savings on the project, including the creation of five bioretention swales (pictured). Visit for more. Operator Mike Lewis, comfortable operating at a new level of precision.