H How much does it cost when you overdig a proj- ect? Brady Jarvis, a project manager with Cavanaugh Building Corporation, keeps a number in mind to figure the cost for overdigging a bioretention basin or swale. Bioretention ponds must be covered with a layer of bioretention media that costs $45 per cubic yard. If a pond is dug below grade and the contractor has to use extra media to get to the correct grade, that cost can add up fast. “The more you overdig, the more it costs,” he said. Today, Jarvis is less concerned about overdigging since Akron-based Cavanaugh acquired a Komatsu PC360i intelligent Machine Control excavator. The excavator is being used on a job for Geauga County’s parks district that includes constructing five bioreten- tion swales, and Jarvis has been highly impressed with the machine’s accuracy and efficiency. Once the project details are loaded in the excavator, “the 360i knows where to dig, and tells you exactly when you’re at grade,” he said. “The excavator is so efficient you don’t need a GPS dozer following it as much. The excavator can dig to grade and, if needed, the dozer can just come in at the end and dress it up.” Before getting the PC360i, he had a GPS dozer following a trackhoe all day long, but now that dozer is available for other projects at the site 60 to 70 percent of the time, he added. The company has used a Trimble system on its Cat and Deere dozers for several years. “We expected a significant learning curve as operators learned to use the Komatsu system, and in integrating the Komatsu with his Trimble systems but it hasn’t been a big deal,” Jarvis said. “The PC360i replaced a Cat excavator using a Trimble system, and it has been a significant improvement. We bought our first excavator GPS System over 12 years ago,” he said of the Cat “and it didn’t work out as well as we thought it would.” For example, “we have to recalibrate the Trimble every time we use it,” unlike the iMC system. Setting up the pods and receivers took a good quarter hour each morning—another chore the integrated Komatsu system eliminates. “The display on the Komatsu is surprisingly big, and it’s easy to keep up with where the machine is,” Jarvis said. “Production is really good. I thought it would Cavanaugh Building Corporation: iMC REMOVES GUESSWORK, INEFFIC MACHINE CONTROL DIVISION “The 360i knows where to dig, and tells you exactly when you’re at grade.” Brady Jarvis, Project Manager Cavanaugh Building Corporation 14 Cavanaugh Building Corporation is a family-owned company tracing its roots to 1929. President Brian Cavanaugh (pictured above) is the fourth generation to run the company. The Northeastern Ohio company employs 50 to 100 people.