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The iMC Wave Rolls On KOMATSU INTRODUCES D65PXi-18 CRAWLER DOZER K Komatsu continues the rollout of its groundbreaking intelligent Machine Control iMC technology. The new D65PXi-18 crawler dozer features integrated machine control technology that allows the machine to perform automated dozing in all phases of a grading project from rough cut to finish grading. Early adopters of the technology have reported productivity gains of up to 50 percent in certain applications. In addition to knowing exactly where and how deep to grade the machine improves efficiency because it senses blade load minimizes track slip and ensures the operator gets the most out of every push noted Jason Anetsberger Komatsu product manager. We believe the difference in dozing efficiency between conventional machine operation and intelligent machine control technology is exceptional. Because the iMC system is fully integrated into the dozer the system does not require operators to hook up sensors antennas and cables at the start and end of the shift like an aftermarket system does. That alone saves up to 30 minutes of work time each day Komatsu estimates giving operators an additional half hour to move dirt. The D65PXi is a long-track low-ground-pressure machine that excels in soft or wet ground conditions. It also offers exceptional stability for finish grading applications. The dozer is powered by a 217-hp Tier 4 Final engine that cuts fuel consumption by up to 10 percent compared to previous models. The electronically- controlled transmission and lock-up torque converter select the optimal gear range increasing operating efficiency and eliminating loss of horsepower. Like all Tier 4 Komatsu machines the D65PXi is covered by the Komatsu CARE program whether the equipment is purchased rented or leased. Komatsu CARE covers scheduled factory maintenance for the first three years or 2000 hours whichever comes first. In addition to Columbus Equipment Companys statewide ten-branch product support network the company also makes access to a comprehensive iMC support teamtwo technology solutions experts on staff Komatsu iMC engineers and product support personnel as well as a fleet of company field service techniciansavailable to any customer integrating an iMC machine into their fleet. Even customers who have never previously used GPS systems enjoy a smooth transition to fully-integrated machines. Contact your local Columbus Equipment Company sales representative for more information about the D65i and how intelligent Machine Control equipment can significantly increase your productivity and bring greater value to your customers. PRODUCT NEWS We believe the difference in dozing efficiency between conventional machine operation and intelligent machine control technology is exceptional. Jason Anetsberger Product Manager Komatsu 9