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Simple Cab Filter Maintenance Schedule BOOSTS PRODUCTIVITY AND REDUCES RISK OF BREAKDOWN A A cab in which the air conditioning isnt functioning properly is a real productivity killer in the summer and its an all-too-common occurrence. At this time of the year the most common jobs I see are related to air condi- tioning said Darrell Drone a senior field technician with Columbus Equipment Company. Guys get hot in the cab and they are miserable. Naturally productivity will suffer. In most cases however simply taking care of the cab filter can prevent air conditioning and heating issues in your equipment. Drone recommends checking cab filters every week and cleaning out any dust or dirt that has accumulated. He uses compressed air to blow the dust out but simply shaking or tapping the filter can also dislodge dirt so that more air can move through it. A clogged filter prevents air from moving to or from the heater box. It cant get air in or air out Drone said. Without proper air movement the core can get clogged and parts can get damaged. The result is unhappy opera- tors with no heat or air conditioning in the cab not to mention costly repairs to the air conditioning unit. Filters do need to be replaced regularly. The owners manual will list a recommended service interval or you can follow Columbus Equipments policy of replacing the cab filter during every oil change. We think it is a good practice because that way we know the filter is fresh and the quality of the air in the cab is better said Drone who has been with Columbus Equipment Company for 17 years. Customers with preventive maintenance contracts dont have to worry about their cab filters because our PM tech- nicians always pull the cab filter and clean it even if they are just checking the machine over Drone said. If you dont regularly clean your cab filters consider starting today. Its a simple easy-to-perform job that can really pay off through improved operator productivity and reduced risk of system breakdown. Guys get hot in the cab and they are miserable. Naturally productivity will suffer. Darrell Drone Senior Field Technician Columbus Equipment Company TECHNICIAN TIP 19