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Preventive Maintenance Services COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE CONTINUES A As part of its commitment to superior product support Columbus Equipment Company is expanding the number and capacity of lube trucks to meet growing customer demand for IronLife Preventive Maintenance Services. The company has purchased five new Peterbilt lube trucks and added two smaller four-wheel-drive Ford trucks to the fleet to better serve customers said Jason Lang PM Service Administrator. The Peterbilt truckswhich are outfitted with bigger lube tanks so PM technicians can service more customers per day without returning to the store for a refillare being added to the fleet over the summer. Lang who was a PM tech for seven years before taking the new administrative job designed the truck box layout for maximum efficiency. Hose reels toolboxes and other equipment have been placed so that everything is within easy reach when a technician gets to the jobsite saving time and cost to the customer. The four-wheel-drive Ford vehicles are being used in the southern branches where technicians often have to travel over rough terrain to reach a jobsite. The growth of our PM program really demanded larger more efficient trucks Lang said. With the addition of these trucks and the retirement of a few older lube trucks Columbus Equipment will have 12 lube trucks on the road. Each branch has at least one PM truck. More and more customers are recognizing the benefits of contracting with Columbus Equipment to handle their preventive maintenance. Customers like not having to keep track of hours and a maintenance fleet. They dont need to worry about buying and stocking filters or having all the oils needed on hand Lang said. Machines equipped with KOMTRAX make it even easier for owners because the KOMTRAX system alerts Columbus Equipment when a machine needs PM. Otherwise the customer can call to set up an appointment based on service hours on a machine. Komatsu CARE which provides free scheduled maintenance for the first three years or 2000 hours of a machines life has also shown many customers how beneficial a PM program can be. Most preventative maintenance customers have the work done at night after they have shut down for the day. Theres no down time for the customer. Customers rarely see us they just know the work has been done the next day when they come in Lang said. Customers interested in an IronLife PM Service contract should contact their product support representative. The PSR will work with Lang to create a customized program to cover the work the customer needs. PRODUCT SUPPORT Theres no down time for the customer. Customers rarely see us they just know the work has been done the next day when they come in. Jason Lang PM Service Administrator Columbus Equipment Company 18